Anxiety, Depression, Fear Making My Life Hell

by Aleena
(Delhi, India)

I'm 17 years old and I'm in high school. I want to go out with my friends but for the last 6 months I'm not able to go out of the home. Whenever I take a step out of home I start feeling panic and I start looking here and there and start thinking I should go home right now, otherwise I'll get panic attack. I sit in my room all day and just worry about my health all day. I feel dizzy, sensations in my head, I feel like I have all the worst diseases including depression because i feel so tired, upset, unhappy, dizzy and I also have digestion problems. I overthink on every little talk...!! My life becomes hell and I'm feeling so helpless. I've told my family that I fear to go out of the home and they said, "stay happy and don't be stressed, you'll be fine", even if I get an appointment with the neurologist to just clear my doubt if I have any serious disease or it's just anxiety. Please friends, tell me if I'm the only one who is going through this??
I'm tired.

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