Anxiety With a New Fear

by Rob S.

Hello, I'm rob, I'm 31. I am an anxiety sufferer since I was 12 - got worse as I grew older but I was doing very good for the past 4 years and all of sudden it came back again with a new fear of mine which is the fear of having a stroke. I think this fear developed from work since I'm a caregiver and I work with alot ill, disabled, people. But this new patient of mine came in disabled from having a stroke and I guess ever since I care for him I now think I'm having a stroke. This happens on a daily basis and its killing me. I have been experiencing left arm weakness and my anxiety just goes through the roof, big time. My arm feels weak, my heart starts to race, palms get sweaty, feels like my whole face is numb and I start to make faces or talk to myself to make sure I'm not having a stroke. It sucks. I hate this. I've been through the health anxiety before, thinking I was having a heart attack, being schizophrenic. I thought I had a tumor or cancer, etc. etc. I'm just tired of it. So, I guess here to aak for help because I can't seem to shake this one off. So I wanted to know if having left arm or leg weakness can be part of anxiety. Please, anyone that can help, I really could use it right now. Thank you so much! I love this site! I thank god for it saved me before and I know it can again!

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Oct 22, 2013
thank you
by: rob

thank you so much Susan you really made me feel so so much better im really going to take your advise on how to think more positive and tell myself its only anxiety I know it will be at tough ive gone through so many times but this one has just been hard but thanx to you and this site I will fight but with baby steps to begin with, so again I thank you :)

Oct 22, 2013
Anxiety Symptoms
by: Susan

Hi Rob!
Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out! With anxiety, it is common for people to fear having a stroke. Because some of the symptoms of anxiety seem to mimic that of a stroke, it is understandable why this would be of a concern. However, be reassured that it is very common to experience muscle weakness, numbness, in the face, limbs, etc. when suffering from anxiety.
You see, when someone is anxious or panicky, the body does what it's supposed to do, it directs more blood to be closer to your heart for your survival. So people often experience tingling fingers/toes, coldness, numbness, etc. This is just your body doing what it is supposed to do.
Knowing that you are an anxiety sufferer and have previously suffered since a young age, it is my opinion that these are nothing but distressing anxiety symptoms. However, if you have never had a physical examination from your doctor, or are due, you may find it encouraging to hear from them.
Another point I'd like to make is that people who suffer with anxiety and have been in a sensitive, nervous state for a long time are VERY susceptible to the negative suggestions/situations of others. People who suffer anxiety are very sensitive to negative stimuli. If we are not careful, we can adopt fears through simple suggestion - something we see on TV, hear someone say, and this includes being around sick people... We see them suffer and all that comes with it and we adopt the idea, "what if this should happen to me?"
The best way to deal with your thoughts here is to remind yourself that what you are feeling is only anxiety --- your mind is sensitive, and this is to be expected under this condition.
Try to put all your focus on giving yourself positive-TRUTHFUL reminders throughout the day. Those thoughts can become obsessive and cause you to look within yourself for those "funny feelings". With anxiety, if you look for them, you will always find them. So just accept them and try not to focus on them so much --- instead, repeat TRUTH to yourself throughout the day: Example: "These are anxiety symptoms & nothing more. My mind is sensitive to what is around me because of my anxiety. I am not having a stroke, but even if I am afraid and think it may be true, I can always see a doctor. I am around people all day. Should anything happen, I have help. I will focus on positive-truthful thoughts, and will take the time to practice relaxation breathing throughout my day to help diminish some of these feelings. I will be okay. I am strong & capable. It is only anxiety.".... Hang in there Rob S. One day at a time... If you ever need us, we are here!

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