Art Therapy Ideas:
Using Art To Relieve Stress

Many people find stress relief through the use of art therapy. Art therapy is described as an expressive therapy that allows people to express themselves through art.

Art therapy is an effective therapy that can help bring healing and balance to ones emotional, physical, and mental well-being.

While most people would benefit from art therapy, it is especially helpful to those who suffer with different emotional, physical and mental challenges. People experiencing high stress levels or stress related illnesses also greatly benefit from this form of therapy.

D.I.Y. Art Therapy Ideas

Some art therapy ideas that a therapist might use in helping others express themselves are things like self-portraits, body image sketches, dream portraits, family portraits and other various types of art.

This art is used to help express the feelings a person may have about a current or past experience, to remember dreams they've had, or express their hopes and dreams about their future. Through using this art, it allows the therapist to open dialogue with the artist while using psychotherapy and cognitive methods at the same time. This is especially effective for children who have a hard time expressing themselves in words.

Of course, you can still benefit from using these art therapy ideas for yourself. If you think that art therapy sounds like it might be something you would enjoy, I highly recommend learning more. The Art Therapy Sourcebook (Sourcebooks) by Cathy A. Malchiodi is a great book that will help you...

  • Find relief from overwhelming emotions
  • Recover from traumatic losses
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Discover insights about yourself
  • Experience personal growth

Remember, when it comes to art there are no rules only freedom of expression!

Art Therapy Reduces Stress

By using art therapy ideas to reduce the stress in your life, you are choosing a stress management activity that will help you to explore your emotions in a healthy, positive way.

Not only is art therapy fun, but it serves as a great distraction from the problems in your life. Take time each day to dive into your creative side. Although you may not think you are all that creative, I think you would be very surprised at how much better you get with time. Believe it or not, through regular practice, you can reach a state of relaxation that is close to that of meditation.

Explore New Art Therapy Ideas

Don't be afraid to explore new art therapy ideas. People use many different things to bring their artistic expression to life. Colored pencils, paints, chalk, pastels, markers, are usually a great place to start. If you have never discovered art as a stress management activity, it might be time to give it a try. Don't be afraid to visit your local arts & crafts store and look around and explore. Chances are good that you'll find something of interest that you can experiment with at home.

If you already use art as a stress management activity, won't you share it with us? Send us your story along with a picture of your art! Help inspire someone today!

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