Daily Social Anxiety

by Hugh
(Dublin Ireland)

Walking down the street seeing people from a distance approaching me on the path I immediately become awkward I attempt to avoid eye contact with people as they pass by, turning my head to the right or the left, until I pass by, I immediately feel that they think that I am ignorant or full of myself, it is exactly the opposite I am anxious, nervous uncomfortable when around all people

My anxiety does not stop when I pass people by as I walk into a shop I will immediately feel awkward, as people look at me as I walk in I do attempt to act casual, though I begin muttering under my breath, thinking of the things that I want to get while I am in the shop.

Even at the self service check out, if an assistant comes over to me to ask if I need help, I will be polite, I do attempt to make small talk though it is not smooth, I do not know why this happens when I am around people, I would love to be able to stand and speak casually to every person that I meet

I have been like this for years, even during secondary school I was quiet I felt awkward around everyone, I couldn't just stand or sit and casually speak to people.

Meetings, I am the same, I am stiff, I attempt to relax though I am on edge, I feel nervous, I used to perspire while sitting across from people, nowadays I don't have that perspiring problem though I still struggle to find things to say to people in meetings.

If anyone reads this do they have any solutions when they feel this way.

I would love to find a way of overcoming this situation.

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