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Dealing with Anxiety

by Cam
(Hudson. Ohio)

I've been dealing with anxiety all my life and at first, it wasn't too bad and I barely noticed it. Now that I'm 19, I notice it everyday and this is my story....

Anxiety isn't something that should be judged or ignored. It can ruin people at times and can totally take over their life. For me, It stops me from enjoying fun things like hanging out with family or even hanging out with friends out of school.

The symptoms for me are: heavy breathing, stress builds, and the worst symptom for me is when my hands shake. I wish my hands didn't shake because when I'm trying to do hands on things, it makes it almost impossible to complete. I wish I could completely get rid of my anxiety because I believe my life would be a lot easier.

I hope people with anxiety feel not so alone and that I am living proof that you can survive living with anxiety.

Love Yourself!!!!

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