Anti Anxiety and Depression Medications
A Choice Only You Can Make

Taking depression medications and anti anxiety medications is a personal choice that someone makes for themselves. I am neither against or for the use of medication. If someone chooses to take medication then that is a personal decision one makes for themselves, however, there are some truths that I'd like to share for those that are still trying to decide whether or not medication is the best choice for them.

First of all, I want to be sure to tell you that there is no magic pill that will cure anxiety or depressive disorders. Depression medication and anti anxiety medications are considered aids to help you in your recovery. They are meant to help aid in your recovery. Believe me when I say....It is absolutely possible to recover without medication!

Second, medication should never be taken without being in some form of therapy! So many people have been given psychotropic medications by their family physician and are never referred to a therapist and/or psychologist to work through their problem. This causes them to stay stuck thinking they need medication and as long as they feel a little better, why change anything? Believe me, this is not where you want to be! If you decide to take medication then please see a qualified professional that works with anxiety and/or depressive disorders. They are qualified more than your family physician to recognize when you don't need them anymore as well as being trained to help you realize how you got yourself into this mess in the first place.

Third , medications do come with various symptoms. They vary from person to person and many of them take at least 6 weeks on a regular dose before a person can begin to feel the effects of the medication. So , if that medication isn't working for you then the doctor tries another one and then the medication cycle starts over and this can repeat many times until you find something "right" for you. You must be willing to accept the symptoms and side effects that come with them. If you are taking meds on a regular basis then you should never come off these meds without being under a doctors supervision, its is very dangerous to do so!

There are many different kinds of depression medications and anti anxiety medications. Some are meant for short-term use and others are meant for long-term use. A short-term drug should never be used long-term because of the high risk of dependency. Sometimes a depression medication will also work for anxiety as well. Medications work like a temporary band-aid while a person does the therapy to heal themselves, it never does the healing for you... a little like using crutches for a broken leg!

No matter how you look at it, you can recover with or without medication.

If you decide to use medication , you must know that you will eventually have to face your symptoms without medication. It is a proven fact that people who recover without medication have a much less chance of relapse in the future.

If medications are not for you - I encourage you to visit the natural stress relief section. This is where you will learn about natural approaches to healing for your anxiety and depression.

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