Depression Warning Signs

Knowing the depression warning signs beforehand will help you catch depression in it's early stages before it becomes a more serious problem.

It's important to treat your depression as soon as you recognize it. Early detection means quicker recovery for most people.

It's also important to know that depression warning signs can mimic other physical and mental problems as well. It is always best to discuss your symptoms with your family doctor to rule out any other causes for your symptoms.

Common Depression Warning Signs

  • Loss of Interest - losing interest in things that you once enjoyed, emotional flatness, stop caring, melancholy
  • Anxiety - experiencing anxiety symptoms, perhaps even experiencing panic attacks
  • Increased Thoughts of Death - thoughts of death, including suicide, questioning life and the sense of living
  • Poor Memory - you seem to forget things more often, misplacing things, forgetting appointments, etc.
  • Social Avoidance - you find yourself avoiding social gatherings, people and activities
  • Sleeping Problems - sleeping too much, staying in bed to avoid the day, or the reverse effect which is insomnia
  • Self Neglect - have little care for your appearance, ignore hygiene and self care
  • Easily Irritated - moody, small things tend to get under your skin, you are easily annoyed with others, critical and impatient
  • Indecisiveness - difficulty making decisions, confusion, finding even small decisions overwhelming
  • Digestive Problems - indigestion, stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation
  • Unbalanced Appetite - eating too much, weight gain, obesity, eating too little, losing weight, anorexia
  • Body Pain - unexplained body aches and pains, backaches, headaches, fibromyalgia
  • Loss of Sexual Interest - little or no desire for sexual activities
  • Emotional Disturbances - increased feelings of guilt and shame, low self confidence or self worth
  • Lack of Energy - get tired easily and lack motivation to finish projects or do much at all
  • Loss of Hope - feeling helpless, worthless, as if there is no hope for you

Don't Wait! Take Action

If you feel you may be experiencing these depression warning signs, it's important to take action right away.

CBT techniques have been shown effective for treating mild and moderate depression, as well as exercise and a healthy diet.

Many people use natural depression treatments to support them while they are using alternative methods for their depression. However, if you feel you are unable to help yourself through self-help methods, please see your doctor. Medication can be a very helpful tool to your recovery and should not be overlooked or disregarded.

IMPORTANT!! If you are feeling suicidal, please seek depression help immediately!

Pay attention to depression warning signs, after all... depression is a treatable illness.

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