Finally realising my mental state was in need of help.

by Mollie

So it all started around 7 years ago..

I became very worried and paranoid about what people thought of me and it got worse and worse over the years. Sometimes I would struggle to leave the house due to being so worried and scared. I found it difficult to hold down relationships with friends and boyfriends. And took all my troubles out on family and close ones. I decided to go to the doctors when I was 13 and it took until I was 21 to start getting the help I needed. Even now I am not completely better and still struggle on a day to day basis. I am in contact with a mental health team who are not so good. Don't really listen and seems like they want to rush me out.

Anxiety is a serious mental health problem that doesn't get enough help.

I wish I could of had help sooner but im on the route to recovery and hopefully one day I can handle it without medication.

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