High pitched piercing scream noise in my head

by Grace

Hi, I'm only 13 years old and I am struggling hard with anxiety right now. I drank wayyyy to much caffine one day and my head hurt, my mind started racing and my thoughts were LOUD!!! NEVER EVER DRINK CAFFINE IF YOU STRUGGLE WITH ANXIETY! It was as if someone was screaming a high pitched squeal in my head and it just wouldn't stop! It's happening to me right at this moment too, but I'm okay with it now because I know I'll get through it. I have a therapist and I spoke with her today. If you almost constantly have a high pitched screaming in your head do not panic. It's just a normal anxiety and depression symptom. It still scares me quit a bit sometimes and to cope with it here's what I do: I go out running! I know most people aren't runners and thats okay, I've noticed walking also is a really big help. Exercise in general will do so much! The symptoms won't go away after just one time of exercising, it takes a while and you really need to commit to it. I also noticed that just being around people and laughing and making myself have fun and get my mind off things really helps. It could also be hormones thats causing this. I've been almost severly depressed lately and this site has given me so much hope! I also noticed just talking about it helps. You may be ashamed of your anxiety but DO NOT BE ASHAMED! Millions of people struggle with it. And if you're really scared that you might need meds for it, dont be. From what I've learned during the past 4 weeks after all this crazy anxiety stuff happened, there's millions of ways to stop anxiety. Something might work for one person that might not work for another. You just have to have patience and commit to it and have hope. I know some days you might feel down and feel hopelessness of not ever getting back to your normal self but you will. And to be honest, I have those times where I feel hopelessness and say to myself I'll never get better so if theres anyone out there that also has that loud piercing noise in their mind sometimes, please post about it on this site. It really helps me to know I'm not the only one going through this. And remember never give up, theres always hope. God allows these things to happen for a reason.

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Apr 28, 2018
Screams in the head
by: Hannah

I have been having the screams in the head allll day today. I don’t have the depression and anxiety. Really. I will have the screams in the head sometime. Sometime itd be few mins or a hour or all day. It’s really strange. I am deaf. I have two cochlear implants. I’m not sure if it’s related to my cochlear implants. Or being too stressed? Can being too stressed causes the screams in the head? The screams is like high pitched aaaaaaAAAAAAAaaaaah. I’m getting little worried.
Please contact me through my email stonepooh@hotmail.com

Apr 26, 2018
Find me, there might be a deeper meaning to all this.
by: Anonymous

I thought at once , still kinda do, It's the Holy Spirit and your tuning in on angels, or receiving a message. I don't know tho, sometimes thoughts and ideas happen and guide me and other times I feel scared I'm going to go deaf. Like a curse. Idk but I'm praying for healing and I'm praying for yalls hearing too. I also have anxiety and depression.

Nov 06, 2017

I am 62,about six months ago I started hearing a low yet high pitch sound in my head! Now it is so loud that sometimes I can't even fall asleep at night! I am raising my niece and nephew ages 10 and 12. I get very irritable at times when there is too much noise around! I love hearing the kids play but when they get too noisy I make them play separate! I feel like this noise is going to drive me crazy! I just want the noise to stop and my brain to be quite! For the past six months I have been under a lot of stress! Exercise is out of the question because of my back! I can only walk so much in a store before I am ready to leave and go home in pain! I just want quite! Total quite!

Jun 13, 2015
by: Anonymous

My word what an articulate person at such a young age! I also get the same problem, sometimes the noise is so loud you cant even think.Time heals and you will have many wonderful days ahead of you that put all your dark days into a box for a while. Enjoy living its hard work but pretty amazing😊 Good luck your doing great!

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