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I'm a Super Mum not Superwoman.

by Michaela Louise Smith
(Mossley. UK)

Having five kids aged from 26 to 11, I was very busy putting them first and myself last. This meant always trying to solve their problems and making them happy. This got to the point where I became more stressed and lost wieght and became ill. One day I remember wanting to cry for no reason, yes, I felt silly. What was up with me, why did I feel like this. This carried on for a while where it got to the point I became moodier and could snap at silly things. What worried me more was the need to breathe more. I felt I was not taking in enough air. I had to see my doctor. Guess what, I burst in to tears. Yet I didnt care, I was happy to let it out and he was great. He was kind and patient and we talked for ages. He made me realize I was trying to do everything for everyone else and that I forgot about me. I mattered. I walked back home breathing in the air more slowly and deeply. I looked at trees, I counted my steps and yes I slept like a baby. I decided the next day I was taking a step back. I'd give advice to my children, not solve their problems. I was confident I brought them up well enough that with a bit of guidance they could sort it out themselves. They did and they still do. I have me time more, whether doing nothing round the house, going out or even bed early makes me feel I matter. Ive asked my kids do more round the house and they do. Sometimes just making a brew without me asking makes me smile. I know Im still a great mum but Im not and would not want to be Superwoman.

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