Indian girl worried about life after marriage...

by Nidhi

Hi to all members of Depression. I am one among you. I have been suffering from depression since 2006. I have accepted it but sometimes I become anxious about my life after marriage. As in India, people dislike mentally ill persons. So how one can live with someone who has such opinion? Often, my mood get disturbed when I face the outcomes of my illness but now my mood is more stable as I have friends to whom I shared my depression story... still my life is not running at the normal pace. I have other illnesses also like inattentiveness, calculation disability, attention seeking personaliy with OCD. I don't know how I will manage this illness when I have to do my responsibility as a wife as a mother. Altogether - I am confused that one can live a normal life without feeling pleasure. What is the importance of pleasure in life? Could working capability decrease productivity after mental illness? Please offer suggestions to me on how to live a happy married life with such mental illness.

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