Is it a Blessing or a Curse?

by Filopateer

My name is Filopateer I'm 17 years old and
Today is my 1025th day challenging my anxiety .. Started suffering from the so called Social anxiety disorder 3 years ago only to find out its a blessing, at first I was afraid not knowing what to do even fearing to tell anyone couldn't talk to people or even say hi to my friends and the people i love i always knew nothing bad would happen yet i was never able to take an action but then I decided to make a bucket list every year with goals and challenges to achieve my goal which was not to overcome anxiety at first but to make people even strangers happy and to make Egypt a better place, So I started making random acts of kindness from drawing people giving flowers and chocolate to random strangers making people laugh in the streets distributing water to soldiers and officers and doing magic tricks .. YES I encountered a few problems along the road but that didn't stop and turns out everything happens for a reason I got to learn a lot my got to look at things differently and I got to know PHENOMENAL people that helped me without even asking from them .. Trying to achieve my "making Egypt better" goal I started doing charity but kept as a secret and I still do but I worked on a project that no longer became a secret after participating a lot in science fairs and competitions I became a regionalfinalist in GoogleScienceFair still keeping it a secret I got a call that enabled me to not only meet the President but tell him my project and my goal it gave me a confident boost and made me realize that my anxiety is not something i suffer from its a blessing so I decided to further keep trying to achieve more but I feared talking to people and it was both weird and awkward so I got a notebook and started telling strangers my story and asking them to write me something motivational and I got 200 individuals to write me ... Moral of the story I overcame my anxiety 20 days ago yes there are little things that I can't still do but I won't put my self in a box and call it anxiety .. 3 things to remember "the lord is my helper I will not fear what can mere mortals do" "اوعي تبطل تضحك = never stop smiling" you'll always find a way to achieve your goals no matter what there are rough times that are going to come but they have not come to stay they have come to pass

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