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Isolation Anxiety

by Rachael
(Edinburgh, Scotland)

Anxiety is for me ...

The constant fear that something will be lost
The crawling away avoiding others at all cost

The unexplanible guilt
eating away from the inside
Wanting to run away from your away and hide

Over analyzing every situation
Needing reassurance about everything and
Over explanation
Locking yourself away to avoid feeling like this once more ...
But the anxiety always comes back
stronger than before

Always feeling judged, trying to read others thoughts on you
Convincing yourself of situations
believing their true

feeling everything is rushing at a thousand mile and then you may get relief
But only for a while
Because a person you may talk to and they seem different today ; has you convinced
It must be because of your way

The instant relief when others manage to convince you your ok...
But it always comes back
Another time
Another place
Another day

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