Kenna ' s anxiety story

by Kenna

You deserve to smile

You deserve to smile

My name is Kenna. I'm 12 years old and I have anxiety and depression. I was diagnosed when I was 10 and it will get better.
So it all started in the 3rd grade I worried about everything. I never wanted to go to school I would always miss school I think I missed 18 days. I started feeling sad and everything that happened I would cry. I thought it would get better, but 4th grade was even worse. School always was a problem I blamed everyone else but me. That's when the depression formed every little thing made me cry I couldn't do anything. Well then 4th grade ended. Summer was great, I love summer the beach, sun, warm weather, and no school. Then 5th grade started... about 2 weeks in nothing was right my mind was so out there. I couldn't sleep or eat. My life finally made since the crying and no sleep. I got asked a lot of questions and blood work. I was crying my eyes out. They told me I had depression and anxiety. I thought if any of my friends find out they will think I'm mental problems. I never told anyone and you don't have to only if you feel comfortable doing it then that's okay. I now have to go to therapy for medicine management. Just to make sure I am okay. So if you have been diagnosed you will be okay trust me. There are good and bad days you will live. I now have a reason to be strong I can change the world someday. Remember to stay strong. There is a rainbow on the other side. Never stop being yourself.

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