My Crazy Life.

by Elizabeth
(Ft. McCoy)

I am a military spouse, my husband just got out of the Airforce and joined the Air National Guard. We moved from Illinois where we had lots of friends, I worked and the kids had their activities and friends. We moved to Wisconsin, it has been one stress after another with my hubbys work and packing, cleaning the old house, moving far away from family, unpacking all our stuff getting the kids settled. Did I mention there is snow everywhere. My anxiety level has been through the roof, I am afraid I won't make friends, I would love to find a job but they are very limited. I feel like I am losing control. I resent my hubby for moving us and get anxious about that and feel very guilty. I can't eat, and when I do I gag and end up throwing up. I have experienced anxiety in my past and I took prozac for it and it worked wonders. I am really considering going back on it. Has anyone had to go back on meds after being off them for years?

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Feb 01, 2012
Can Relate...
by: Susan

Hi Elizabeth, My husband too transferred from Active Duty Air Force (8 years) to Air National Guard. No doubt military life demands you to be flexible with all the changes presented, like it or not. Your feelings are understandable and it may take some time to adjust. Remember, alot of your stressors can be handled through stress managment methods and alot of self-encouragement. It's hard leaving familiar people, surroundings, etc. for a whole new life somewhere else. Not too many people understand how challenging it really is, especially when you are raising children and building your family. However, as hard as these years have been for me, they have been most rewarding and I've learned that my experiences have only made me a better/stronger person in the end. Many people who haven't really learned how to deal with their anxiety/panic without meds may find themselves going back to them. It is not uncommon for people who take meds to need them again in the future, partly because the medications numb alot of the anxiety/panic sensations therefore taking away your need to actually conquer and face those feelings head-on. I would encourage you to try facing your fears without meds... use the strategies offered on this site (cognitive-behavior therapy) and use the stress management methods to become strong and help you to balance your life. If things become too much, you know that meds are an option. For me, doing the work without meds has made me see firsthand, that I can get through lifes stressors through using the right skills. I'm not going to sugarcoat that because doing it that way is hard work but probably the most rewarding thing I have ever done. My life is greatly enriched and enhanced by that. Please know that someone is always here to help, to encourage you if you need it. Hang in there! btw, do yourself a favor and read Dr. Claire Weekes Books, "Peace from Nervous Suffering" and "Hope and help for your nerves"...although very old books, no other books in my opinion are able to help you understand what you are dealing with like these.

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