My Story

by Shawna

I'm 35-years-old and 4-years ago, I had a nervous breakdown. I was a successful TV producer/director and newlywed, when in short order: I got married, my husband was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, my father was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and I began working back to back on difficult shows that required a huge time commitment. One day, while standing in line with my husband at an amusement park, I had a full-blown anxiety attack. Immediately I became Claustrophobic and within 2 months I began suffering with Agoraphobia. I became pregnant a month later.
Within 3 weeks of the breakdown I began seeing an acupuncturist who explained fear, anxiety and attacks as the following: Your organs support your brain health and vice versa... your organs send out an SOS signal = anxiety/panic attack. When there is prolonged in-balance it can manifest itself as anxiety or become a IBS issue (IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's Disease, Diverticulitis, etc... I thank God, my acupuncturist has been by my side through this and has continually assured me that I can make a complete recovery.
After my son arrived, I suffered with Post-Partum OCD and the agoraphobia became much stronger (I have always been able to "function" ie. leave the house.) When the symptoms became worse I found a local CB Therapist and saw her intermittently (although the agoraphobia went away, I then went through a phase of HOCD and other anxiety issues, the agoraphobia came back recently after an ugly dissolution of a friendship.)
I have been truly blessed by having a loving and supportive husband, family and friends, my acupuncturist and now my Western Dr. (she's an integrative specialist) who has repeatedly told me that many of her patients who have similar issues are completely cured once the gut is healed.
I recently found this site and have read the word of encouragement and I do feel encouraged. My therapist, acupuncturist, doctor and now this site from someone who has walked through the fire and made it to the other side have all stated that I can overcome this. I choose to believe this, fight for this and achieve this and more. Today, I purchased several of the book recommendations (1 of which my therapist had recommended: Imp of the Mind.) I am committed to eating to heal my gut, taking my supplements, exercising, meditation, etc....
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! May God Bless you and yours.


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