My various anxiety issues that other people seem to see as "weird."

I have various anxiety issues and find it a real struggle in life, not just with the anxiety issues themselves, but when other people just don't seem to understand. They just say stuff like: "You're overreacting" or "You're being dramatic" or "What's the big deal?!" They will just appear impatient with me and my anxiety issues, as because it's no big deal to them, apparently, it should be no big deal to me either. Well, I think people like this need to realize more that we are all different, not everyone sees things the same way, we all have different, individual, personal views and perspectives of life. I hate it when they have that whole "Man up" attitude when you are anxious about something that, to them, seems crazy to be anxious about.My anxiety issues involve various things, one being going to an unfamiliar place with unpractical, stressful travel to get there, for an interview, that I am already dreading enough on it's own. I had an issue like this just recently, were I was supposed to go to this place in an area I was not familiar with at all, which was a good while away from my home and there was no practical way of getting there at all. I had to be at this interview, which alone would've been enough to give anxiety to me, at 9 a.m. Again, another thing to add onto the anxiety to me; early in the morning I had to be there,so I would've had to (somehow) go through rush hour traffic, increasing my risks of being late. I don't drive at all either. I was really having an anxiety attack about it, I was feeling sick with nerve, fear and anxiety, just not sure what to do. My mum said to my dad: "The way she gets distressed about stuff like this." But she said it in a way that sounded impatient, as if she is sick of me getting all anxious like this, which is unfair, as something like anxiety attacks should surely require sympathy rather than impatience. I'm always nervous and anxious enough going to places for interviews, not just places I am not familiar with, but also, I worry what if the person/people dealing with me are unfriendly, cold and intimidating?! Luckily I decided to text them asking to reschedule and explaining, as there really was no way of me getting there, I would have had to get 2/3 buses which is just not practical at all, I don't drive and a taxi would've cost the earth both ways. It's hard as I need a job to start earning but I don't feel comfortable and going to this would have been unfamiliar,unpractical to get to a place, unless maybe my dad is around to give me a lift both ways but he hardly would be. Ugh, the thought of it all just makes me sick and scared. I may take the two buses with my mum but it still makes me feel anxious and uncomfortable travelling impractically to an unfamiliar place. Another anxiety issue I have is talking on the phone, particularly when it's unexpected and business related. Nothing has annoyed me more when unknown numbers have called me unexpectedly, and it's been an agency wanting to have a phone interview with me, despite the fact I was given no notice or time to prepare. It has made me really anxious and distressed as they just fire a load of questions at me on the phone and I am just not sure what to say, as I need time to prepare what to say, I can't just answer stuff on the spot, especially if I haven't had time to prepare for it. I will just stutter loads and be panicking on the spot trying to think what to say. I just hate the idea of communicating on the phone to be honest, unless its personal or very brief, or I'm expecting it, well, even when I'm expecting it I don't adore it. It's hard to make out what people are saying a lot of the time too and I'll find myself having to repeat myself a lot, it really frustrates me, especially if I have to do it for ages. Practically every professional place I have been involved with has been adamant on using the phone to speak with me, and I'm just like, to myself: "What's so wrong with email?" I much prefer email as at least then I have the time to prepare what to say and explain things. What makes things all the more demoralizing and infuriating for me it that when I have appeared all anxious on the phone to these stupid consultants on the other end of the unexpected asking me all the questions, when I've told them it's not a good time and I've got to leave it now, with my tone all anxious, they've just laughed in an incredibly condescending way. I also feel really anxious whenever I get a call/missed call and voicemail from a number I do not recognize at all, and when I wasn't expecting anything at all. I just get into such an anxious, confused, distressed state, being like: "Who on earth has tried calling me and why, what do they want from me?" It is really difficult and frustrating having these anxiety issues in life, but on top of it also, people who just don't understand and see you as annoying, weird and melodramatic, and claim you just need to "Man up".

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