Never Give Up: Step 8
You cannot lose as long as you persist!

Remember, never up! One important thing you need to know is that repetition is one of the most important things you can do.

Things like stress, anxiety, panic, phobias and depression are all stubborn issues. They love feeding off of your habitual ways of thinking and doing.

Recovery is all about breaking your bad habits and creating new ones. It's about learning new ways of thinking that are positive, truthful and encouraging. It's about looking at life and it's problems differently and optimistically.

In order to rid yourself of the bad habits of pessimism and avoidance, you must work hard at telling yourself the truth all the time. You also need to be acting on that truth.

It is only through repetition that things will begin to change for you. I encourage you to repeat, repeat, and repeat. Repeat any area that you are struggling with. This is why I tell you not to move forward if you are not ready. You cannot rush your journey to good health. It is something that must evolve over time and with persistence.

I encourage you to work at it over and over again and not to give up. These disorders cannot win if you don't let them!

Perhaps there is something else that you are missing and preventing you from recovering. Since everyone is different, it is not uncommon for some to need extra help in some areas.

Here are some things to consider:

Maybe you need the help of a therapist. If you have never been in therapy, perhaps it's time to work with a reputable psychologist that specializes in your area of need. Do not be afraid to get the help you need. This doesn't mean you are weak, it means you have courage to take good care of yourself.

Maybe you need the help of a medication. Perhaps medication would be the right choice for you. I know many people who are afraid of medications and don't take them because of that reason. However, medication could be the very thing that lifts you over the recovery hump. Be sure to look at all your options and discuss them with your doctor. It's important that you see a therapist when taking medication, so be sure to take care of that too.

Have you thought about using natural supplements instead of medication? It could be that Natural Stress Relief through supplementation is all you need. There are many natural supplements that do work. I have used them myself and have found them to be extremely helpful.

Have you mastered your positive thought replacement techniques? If not, then it's time to become a master of your own thoughts. Without this becoming a permanent change in your thought life, you will find problems reoccurring.

Are you taking good care of yourself? Hopefully you have changed and you are finding time for physical exercise as well as stress management. If not, then it's time to go back and work some more!

You need to keep affirming what you already know. It is one thing to know the answer and another to actually believe it. You can affirm what you already know by reading books, articles, participating in programs that are similar. Anytime you read a new book that reaffirms what you already know, the closer you become to actually believing the information that is being given to you. Convince yourself through continued education!

Step 8 Actions:

1. Always encourage yourself and support yourself and your efforts. Be a good friend by encouraging others.

2. Make yourself a priority! Don't forget to have fun in your life. Laugh a little! I promise, it won't hurt!

3. Keep moving forward, always taking steps to face challenged situations. Affirm yourself and your efforts always!

4. Continue to eat right and drink enough water (Include natural supplements  into your diet if necessary).

5. Spend 20-30 minutes each day exercising. These exercises will keep you healthy and strong! Remember, exercising should become part of your life, not a temporary fix for problems.

6. Write in a journal each day (preferably before bedtime). Don't pressure yourself, just write whatever comes to mind. Use the Journal Entry Worksheet if you don't have a journal.

7. If you are still struggling in any area, go back to the appropriate step by visiting Where to Start.

Going backwards is not a bad thing! You are a strong person to persevere. When you go back, be sure to try something new that perhaps you didn't try before. We are all different and what works for one person, may not work for someone else. Be patient with yourself and DO NOT GIVE UP!

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