Peace From Nervous Suffering by Dr. Claire Weekes
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One of the most helpful books I have found regarding anxiety, panic attacks, and agoraphobia is "Peace from Nervous Suffering" by Dr. Claire Weekes. This book is not just something you read and retain but also a treatment plan for you to follow and implement on your own within your own self-help journey to recovery. Whether you are already in professional therapy or doing this on your own - you will find this book to be one of the most valuable resources in your self-help library. Because the book is a classic and no longer in print, you might find it hard to get your hands on a new copy at a reasonable price. If this happens, you can always borrow this book for free online through the OPEN LIBRARY Internet Archive. Honestly though, if you have struggled with anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, depression and nothing else has helped you, I HIGHLY recommend getting your hands on a hard copy. It is surely a book you will want to hold onto for future reference when needed.

The following Interactive Commentary will cover all the chapters of the book and will help to broaden your understanding. Simply, click the Chapter of your choice. However, you are encouraged to PURCHASE THE BOOK and follow along. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences as you DO THE WORK to get better. You will see an option to share under each Chapter Commentary for this book. Remember, when you share with others you are helping others see they are not alone and you are encouraging yourself as you move foward.

  • Chapter 1 - Sensitization: The Simple Cause of So Much Nervous Illness

  • Chapter 2 - Fear of Leaving the Safety of Home (Agoraphobia)

  • Chapter 3 - Cure of Physical Nervous Symptoms

  • Chapter 4 - Unraveling the Maze of Nervous Experiences

  • Chapter 5 - Solving the Apparently Insoluble Problem

  • Chapter 6 - DO -- Don't just think about Doing

  • Chapter 7 - Eight Quarterly Journals

  • Journal 1: Why Recovery Seems So Difficult for So Many Nervously ill People
    Journal 2: Program for Recovery
    Journal 3: Right-Reaction Readiness, Reacting Freely, Gaining Confidence, Going on Vacation
    Journal 4: Floating, Physical Illness and Setback. Flash Experiences. Loneliness, Low Tranquilization
    Journal 5: Special Encouragement, Home from Vacation
    Journal 6: Depression (Depletion), Change of Life, The Small Coffee Shop
    Journal 7: Touching the Stars, What is Reality?, Take Yourself by the Hand
    Journal 8: The Importance of Habit -- The Forbidden Handbag. The First Hurdle, An Agoraphobic Women Describes Her Journey to Recovery

  • Chapter 8 - Coming through Setback


Dr. Claire Weekes was a pioneer in her day and many self-help books that are written today still use her techniques as they are proven helpful to anxiety sufferers around the world. To learn more about Dr. Claire Weekes, this is a great article from The Sydney Morning Herald. "A trailblazing Australian doctor stared down professional resistance to revolutionise the way we treat anxiety. Along the way she became a best-selling author and one of the first self-help gurus."

Additional Dr. Claire Weekes Resources

The Woman Who Cracked the Anxiety Code: the extraordinary life of Dr Claire Weekes The true story of the little-known mental-health pioneer who revolutionized how we see the defining problem of our era: anxiety. Panic, depression, sorrow, guilt, disgrace, obsession, sleeplessness, low confidence, loneliness, agoraphobia…The international bestseller Hope and Help for Your Nerves, first published in 1962 and still in print, has helped tens of millions of people to overcome all of these, and continues to do so. Yet even as letters and phone calls from readers around the world flooded in, thanking her for helping to improve―and in some cases to save―their lives, Dr Claire Weekes was dismissed as underqualified and overly populist by the psychiatric establishment. Just who was this woman? Claire Weekes was driven by a restless and unconventional mind that saw her become the first woman to earn a Doctor of Science degree at Australia’s oldest university, win global plaudits for her research into evolution, and take a turn as a travel agent, before embarking on a career in medicine. But it was a mistaken diagnosis of tuberculosis that would set her heart racing and push her towards integrating all she’d learned into a practical treatment for anxiety―a tried-and-true method now seen as state-of-the-art 30 years after her death. This book is the first to tell her remarkable story.

Hope and Help for Your Nerves The bestselling step-by-step guide that will show you how to break the cycle of fear and cure your feelings of panic and anxiety. -- "My heart beats too fast. My hands tremble and sweat. I feel like there’s a weight on my chest. My stomach churns. I have terrible headaches. I can't sleep. Sometimes I can't even leave my house..." These common symptoms of anxiety are “minor” only to the people who don't suffer from them. But to the millions they affect, these problems make the difference between a happy, healthy life and one of crippling fear and frustration. In Hope and Help for Your Nerves, Dr. Claire Weekes offers the results of years of experience treating real patients—including some who thought they'd never recover. With her simple, step-by-step guidance, you will learn how to understand and analyze your own symptoms of anxiety and find the power to conquer your fears for good."

Essential Help for Your Nerves : Recover from Nervous Fatigue and Overcome Stress and Fear Recovery from nervous suffering through understanding nervous fatigue -- A new two-books-in-one edition which includes Peace from Nervous Suffering and More Help for your Nerves Dr Claire Weekes is acclaimed throughout the world for her work on nervous illness. This new edition of 'More Self Help for Your Nerves' also includes 'Peace from Nervous Suffering' -- together they forge an understanding of nervous illness and develop a recovery programme to instill confidence and happiness. As a companion to the international bestseller, Self Help for Your Nerves, this book offers hope and new levels of understanding to nervous fatigue -- Dr Weekes explores the common and almost inevitable patterns that can occur with nervous illness. She also looks at the commonest kind of nervous illness -- the anxiety state, or nervous breakdown. This book also looks at the problems of agoraphobia. Sufferers of nervous illness often become trapped in a cycle of suffering, Dr Claire Weekes shows how they can break this cycle and take their place among people without fear.

Self Help for Your Nerves : Learn to Relax and Enjoy Life Again by Overcoming Stress and Fear The essential guide for everything you need to know to keep relaxed through every day life Repackage of the phenomenally successful guide to dealing with nervous illness -- Self Help for Your Nerves. This guide offers the most comprehensive insight and advice into coping with nervous stress. Sufferers of nervous illness regard Self Help for Your Nerves as their bible -- many believe that if they had found it earlier they would have been saved years of unnecessary suffering. Dr Claire Weekes looks at: How the Nervous System Works What is Nervous Illness Common factors in the development of nervous illness Recurring Nervous Attacks Plus important chapters on depression, sorrow, guilt and disgrace, obsessions, sleeplessness, confidence, loneliness and agoraphobia. The book also shows the Dr Claire Weekes method, a practical program on learning to take your place among people without fear.

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