SAM-e for Depression

What is SAM-e for depression?

SAM-e is a compound that naturally occurs in all living cells. It has shown to be effective for depression, arthritis, and liver damage.

SAM-e may be the natural stress relief supplement you are looking for. Through clinical trials, it has been shown to be 70% effective for those that take it.

SAM-e Articles

Since everyone is different, it's important to educate yourself prior to taking any natural supplements for depression. Life Extension Magazine offers some very good articles that will help you understand what SAM-e is and how it has been shown to be effective through scientific research. These articles will help you make a more informed decision.

April 2007 - Safe, Effective Support for Mood and More By Tiesha D. Johnson, BSN, RN

January 2005 - A Natural Compound that Offers Safe, Effective Relief from Depression, Osteoarthritis, and Liver Disease By Dale Kiefer

SAM-e Supplements

Sam-e can be found at your local pharmacy or your local department store in the health section.® also offers a wide variety of SAM-e supplements. Be sure to check the reviews before purchasing these products.

Recommended Reading

For more in-depth information on using SAM-e for depression, be sure to read Stop Depression Now: SAM-e: The Breakthrough Supplement that Works as Well as Prescription Drugs

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