Self Talk for Stress

Using self talk for stress will help prevent problems such as anxiety and depression before they start.

Since stress is a precursor for deeper problems, it makes full sense to manage your stress before things become worse. There is no better time to learn self talk for stress than the present.

The sooner you learn the better equipped you will be when stressful situations arise. Consider self talk for stress as preventative medicine!

Even if you are not currently stressed, these statements may help prepare you so that your reaction to stress will be more positive and optimistic.

As listed in positive self talk, it is best to repeat these statements to yourself for at least 15 minutes, twice a day. Once in the morning, before you start your day and once before bedtime is ideal.

For additional benefit, you can even repeat each statement to yourself three times before moving onto the next one.

You can repeat these statements to yourself aloud or you can record yourself while saying them and play it back anytime you wish. Some people use their cell phones to record these messages and that way they are able to have a convenient method of playing it back whenever they want to throughout the day.

The more you repeat these statements, the more effective they will be. Remember, repetition is necessary when using self talk. The goal is to change your automatic negative thoughts to automatic positive thoughts. New habits of thinking take time, so be persistent and do not give up! Remember, you have the power to choose which thoughts you want to think.

Self talk for stress should sound something like this:

Okay, so there you have it! Some great positive self talk for stress statements. Of course, you can do your own or even change these around to suit you and your situation more personally.

Self Talk for Stress in Printable Format

To make things even more convenient for you, I have put these self talk for stress statements into a PDF file, so you can print them out and take them with you anywhere and practice them at any time.

To print this page, simply click Self Talk for Stress File to open and then choose print. To save this file, right click the file and choose "save as" to your desktop.

Won't open? Free Adobe Reader® can open this file.

For a pre-recorded MP3 of this Self Talk for Stress File, Then be sure to visit Self Talk MP3 Downloads

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