The Usual...

by Katt

I was always a worrisome kid. I would worry about robbers and murders coming into the house at night, I would worry about not getting to do things. This went on as silly little kid worries, as I got older I started worrying about my health and more serious things. It wasn't till about January this year (2014) that I realized it was Anxiety and Depression. My most common anxiety attacks have been about going blind and dying. Sound familiar? Stupid things to worry about but...I go through panic attacks once in a while, and those usually are pretty scary. I have dealt with my anxiety alone a lot because I didn't want to be mental or weak. I've realized that having anxiety does not make me weak, it makes me depend on God more. I cannot do life and be okay without His help. You can be from whatever religion or no religion, but we are not on this earth alone! There are people that want to help you and that have dealt with the same thing before. Anxiety is not something you should hide. Its apart of you! Dont be ashamed of it! Be in this moment, thats all you can do. Enjoy life, you cant control it so dont try! Do more of what makes you happy, try new things! Personally, I have to be very busy otherwise I overthink and thats when I get anxiety attacks. Find the source and fix it! This has turned into more of than just my story but maybe you need to hear (or see)it!

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