5 Years of uncontrollable Anxiety and Depression

by Joe
(Mount Orab, Ohio)

Well it started 5 years ago when I had a major bankruptcy, then the anxiety attack hit, I wake up every morning with internal trembling that wont go away. I've been on numerous anti-depressants with no help. I fear that there is no end in sight to the morning trembling and feeling of depression. I pray to God to help me with this. I seek his wisdom and I just keep on going down the same path. Please help me. Thanks, Joe

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Hello Joe,
As you have learned, anti-depressants never fix depression or anxiety but instead can be used as a helpful tool in recovery. While it is true that they can help diminish some of the symptoms, they will not work to their full potential if not used in conjunction with professional therapy. It is always advised to work with a professional when using psychotropic medications. Have you worked with a profession in regards to your anxiety and depression? Self-help is a wonderful thing but sometimes we need the help of a qualified professional when our own efforts are not working.
If you haven't worked with a professional therapist then I highly encourage you to seek out one that specializes in cognitive-behavioral therapy for anxiety and depression. Cognitive-behavioral therapy has been shown to be the most effective form of treatment for anxiety and depression. It can be used with or without medications - and it's interesting to point out that if it is used without medication, there is a lower chance of relapse into anxiety and depression in the future. These are all important things to consider when trying to help ourselves get better. Overcoming anxiety and depression can be a tricky matter especially if there is little understanding about the cause. If you have not read "Peace from Nervous Suffering" by Dr. Claire Weekes, I highly recommend that you do. This book is an older book and is no longer in print but this book brings understanding like no other book in my opinion. Try to get this from your local library or try to find a used copy. You can often find copies of this book through Amazon.com

Be encouraged Joe! No matter how long someone has been suffering they can overcome their anxiety and depression. Don't put yourself in a position where you feel hopeless or helpless because neither of these are true. Instead, be proactive in your recovery and take baby steps to learn all there is to learn. When you understand the cause, you will know what to do - Recovery is realistic, achievable goal. Hang in there Joe! Remember one day at a time!

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Mar 22, 2016
Abide in His Love.
by: J

Hello Joe. I presume by now you have 'gotten through'. I pray so. Remember Thou wilt Keep in PERFECT peace the mind stayed on Thee.
This too shall pass, and He see's and feel's all we go through.
I should say more of comfort,but the scriptures are the best for that. And human friends to talk and walk with. Please consider taking vitamins. They are so essential, plus completely safe for when we have so much extra stress. I found from proffessionals that not only should I take B complex-100, but also Niacin, up to 3000 mg a day. It helps, no doubt. Also told that when I have that terrible sick, feeling and internal shaking, to take Inositol. You can take a lot of these without overdosing. It is a simple supplement usually found in a B complex formula, but you can buy it very cheaply on it's own. Try two, then two more , then two more etc, until the trembling and panic goes.
For sleeping, when your mind won't stop thinking and panicing and worrying, try just one Choline. If one doesn't work, in 30 mins try another. It always calms the mind,,,,that is unless you had too much coffee or tea that day!! Also find a good naturophathic or Orthomolecular doctor who can find all the right supplements you need. It's like eating healthy for your body. Afterall if your car needs gas do you pour in Kool-aid and expect it to work?

Best regards,
"been there, done that,,,still there some days"

Apr 12, 2012
Healing words in Challenging Times
by: Anonymous

For five years, I experienced the debilitating symptoms of fear, anxiety, and depression. Often these symptoms are diagnosed by physicians as panic attack disorder or anxiety disorder. In a constant state of anxiety and panic, I searched desperately for a way out of my forest of despair. Following what seemed to be an almost insurmountable degree of frustration and disappointment, I found the way to permanent recovery from my severe anxiety symptoms.

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