The Best Natural Medicine for Anxiety

The best natural medicine for anxiety is safe, effective and available today at your fingertips and without a prescription! Many people, when given a diagnosis of anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety, ADHD, or other anxiety related issues, often assume they require prescription medication in order to find relief, but, this could be furthest from the truth. There are many different types of natural medicine that are used today for anxiety, and anxiety related disorders that work well and without the unwanted side-effects of prescription medications. Many prescription medications for anxiety can take up to 6 weeks on the proper dose before experiencing any real relief, so you can imagine how long that might take experimenting to see what might work best for you. Also, prescription medications often come with unwanted side effects and many also require tappering off slowly should you ever want to come off. As always, anyone on prescription medications should always be in some form of professional therapy and should never take it upon themselves to stop abruptly without consulting their doctor first. NEVER stop taking your prescription medication because of something you are reading here on this website without talking to the professionals!

Natural medicine for stress, anxiety and anxiety-related disorders come in various therapeutic forms. While some use aromatherapy as a form of natural medicine, there are those who may use BACH flower remedies, herbal remedies, holisitic medicine, homepathy, as well as vitamins and other supplements.

What is natural medicine for anxiety?

Natural medicine for anxiety is a therapeutic approach that uses herbs, nutrition, vitamins, and other natural resources for prevention and self-healing through the use of safe, effective, and natural therapies. This type of medicine can be used as a means of self-help and/or can be acquired using the expertise of a professional called a Naturopathic Physician. Naturopathic Physicians are often not covered by insurance but are able to guide you with their excellent knowledge and skill. They are able to run lab work, offer a better understanding about what is going on inside your body and can work alongside your primary care to offer you options that your primary care may not. That said, even if you do not have the funds to visit a naturopathic physician, there are many natural medicines for anxiety that you can use along with your own research, and in the comfort of your own home. If natural medicine for anxiety is something you want to consider, be sure to always let your primary care know as even some natural medicines have side effects and can even interact with other medications.

Some great benefits to using Natural Medicine for anxiety are:

  • Natural Medicine for anxiety are not addicting or habit forming.
  • Natural Medicine for anxiety are a great substitution for people who feel they cannot tolerate the side effects that come with conventional medication.
  • Natural Medicine for anxiety have little to no side effects.
  • Natural Medicine for anxiety can work in conjunction with professional therapy or self-help methods.

  • Common Forms of Natural Medicine Used for Anxiety

    Aromatherapy for Stress and Anxiety

    Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils from plants for healing and it has been around for centuries and used all over the world as a form of natural medicine. When people think of aromatherapy they often think of good smelling oils, and candles, but I assure you, it is more than that - Aromatherapy is based on the use of aromatic materials, including essential oils and other aroma compounds, with claims for improving psychological well-being. It is offered as a complementary therapy or as a form of alternative medicine.

    BACH Flower Remedies for Anxiety

    The Bach Flower Remedies work in harmony with herbs, homeopathy and medications and are safe for everyone, including children, pregnant women, pets, the elderly and even plants. The original Bach Flower Remedies is a safe and natural method of healing discovered by Dr. Bach in the 1930s in England. They gently restore the balance between mind and body by casting out negative emotions such as fear, worry, hatred, and indecision which interfere with the equilibrium of the being as a whole. The Bach Flower Remedies allow peace and happiness to return to the sufferer so that the body is free to heal itself.

    Best Herbal Remedies for Anxiety

    There are many different herbal remedies used for stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, social anxiety, ADHD and many others. Some work better than others and many have scientific evidence and medical research to support their effectiveness. Herbal remedies can be found in many different forms such as tablets, capsules, powders, oils, gummies, chewing gum, candies, creams, lotions, and teas.

    Homeopathic Medicine for Anxiety

    The main theory behind homeopathic medicine is simple: “like cures like.” The belief is that if something causes symptoms in a healthy person, it may cure those same symptoms in a person with an illness. For example, if you have insomnia, a homeopathic remedy may be a very weak solution containing coffee. Homeopathy practitioners say it works because a small amount of the disease-causing substance stimulates your body to heal itself. While homeopathy is largely unproven, the basic idea isn’t foreign to modern medical science. It’s essentially how vaccines work—they expose you to a small amount of a dead or inactivated germ, and that teaches your immune system how to recognize and destroy it, protecting you from the disease. Without getting too complicated on science & theory, homeopathic remedies are widely used today and are available today at your pharmacy, and/or general merchandise retailer. There is also a wide range of homeopathic anxiety relief supplements available on Amazon.

    Vitamins and Supplements for Anxiety

    There are many vitamins, minerals and other supplements, including amino acids that help provide the body with the right tools to protect and alleviate the body of unwanted tension, stress, and anxiety. Imbalances within the body can contribute to unwanted symptoms especially during stressful times in our lives. Some of the most effective supplements today for stress, anxiety and panic attacks are found in specific amino acids. They are safe and quite effective and studies show they are worth your attention, especially if you are looking to help yourself using a more natural approach.

    The Best Natural Medicine includes a Full Holistic Approach to Healing!

    Holistic medicine is a system of healthcare that based itself on the need to treat the WHOLE person, which includes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts. Holistic medicine is focused on education and the personal responsibility we all have in regards to our own health and well being. You will ALWAYS be your own BEST advocate!

    Although holistic medicine has been associated with alternative medicine, complimentary medicine, and natural healing, the holistic approach encourages the use of drugs and surgery when all other alternatives are found to be ineffective. It really is about using everything that is available to us that will promote good health and even healing. Holistic medicine teaches us that our entire being, made up of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas, needs to be balanced in order to obtain and sustain proper health. It believes that these areas are fully connected and when one area is out of balance and is suffering, it effects the other areas as well. For example, the fact that our bodies have a physical response to the thoughts we think or the emotions we feel or the fact that prolonged resentful, angry feelings can actually manifest itself into a physically sick body and even disease. The same holds true with stress, anxiety and depression. There are very real physical responses that are felt within the body when the mind is not balanced.

    The Mind Body Connection is real one! There are many well-known stress related illnesses, learn more by visiting The Mind-Gut Connection: How the Hidden Conversation Within Our Bodies Impacts Our Mood, Our Choices, and Our Overall Health. In taking the holistic approach, it is important in treating each area for full recovery. Even if you have chosen to use Aromatherapy, BACH Flower Remedies, Homeopathic Medicine, Vitamins and other supplements and/or the best herbal remedies for anxiety - it will not be enough to treat your physical symptoms without considering the WHOLE PERSON and the other needs that you may have.

    How to Apply the Holistic to Natural Medicine for Anxiety

    Consider Your Body

  • What are your distressing body symptoms?
  • What is available to you that will help your physical ailments?
  • Consider Your options! Maybe incorporate an exercise plan in your daily routine, there are many good reasons why we should exercise. Get a massage to help alleviate muscle tension, and/or maybe even consider natural supplements such herbal remedies for anxiety that can help aid in relieving the unwanted physical sensations of stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Many times the body experiences things like jitters or insomnia - Let's not forget that breathing exercises can also relieve stress in the physical body. There are many various ways to get the body to relax and to come into balance with the mind.

    Consider Your Mind and Emotions

  • What are you thinking?
  • What negative things are you holding onto?
  • What is available to you that will help your mental and emotional symptoms?
  • Again, so many options are before you! Self-talk methods, talk therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, are some common ways to deal with the mind and emotions. Consider what your needs are before you make a choice. Common negative emotions are guilt, anger, grief and perfectionism. For tips working with your negative emotions, visit How to Control My Emotions. Maybe your inner self-talk is suffering and you are not talking to yourself properly? Negative self-diaglogue is something common we all deal with from time to time, especially during stressful moments in our lives. But for people who suffer with anxiety, panic attacks, depression and similar struggles, the negative self-dialogue is typically way out of line and will require some work to bring that back into a realistic, optimistic pattern. Learning How to Talk To Yourself properly and change that negative self-talk will make the biggest positive difference of all. How you see your cirumstances, your perspective on life and what happens to you matters greatly.If you feel you cannot do it on your own, get help! There are people who are skilled in helping you in this area. Consider checking out our Interactive Chat Directory and reach out to others!

    Consider Your Spirit

  • What are your spiritual beliefs?
  • Where does your faith rest?
  • It is important that you use your faith, especially in times of difficulty. Connecting with someone or something that is bigger than ourselves helps a person to be at peace and become more acceptant of things they cannot change. Some may help their inner spirit by getting involved in a church community and reading the Bible, while others may simply pray and meditate on God, according to their own understanding. Maybe you don't really know where you are with spiritual things - and if this is so, maybe it's time to do some soul searching and learn ways to get in touch with your own inner-self. Feeling connected to God's Spirit through our own spirit is empowering, healing, and oftentimes just what we need.

    What Matters Most

    Be educated! Take control of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Look at your options and make the best decisions for yourself. The entire purpose of is to help you see the many different options that are before you each day, to show you that you have the power to create a more positive life for yourself through healthy habits.

    World’s Largest Site on Non-Drug Approaches for Mental Health

    For those interested in finding a doctor/practitioner that promotes and encourages the use of the best natural medicine for anxiety and other mental health issues, check out . A popular advocate of this website is Margo Kidder, actress known in the movie Superman. This website will link you to testimonials, books, support groups, etc. It is well worth checking out if you are interested in natural approaches to healing. They discuss amino acids, vitamins as well as herbal remedies and the experiences of others.

    What Natural Medicine Works Best for You?

    Are you using a natural medicine for your anxiety? Have a question about Natural Medicine? Are you using herbs that works well for you, aromatherapy, BACH Flower Remedies, or even specific vitamins, amino acids or other supplements? We want to hear about your experience! What you have to share is valuable to all readers and will help them make better educated decisions for themselves!

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