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We are now accepting article submissions on stress, anxiety, depression, stress management and all related subjects.

Are you a writer looking to share your articles in order to help others while promoting your website or blog?

If so, we are accepting articles under the following conditions:

  • 1. The article or story must be your own.

  • 2. The material must be an appropriate topic for this website.

  • 3. The article must not be duplicated material. Any article that is found online on any other website will be disregarded.

  • 4. The material must not contain rude language or morally offensive material of any sort.

  • 5. Although we do allow an embedded link to go with your article, we would appreciate a link exchange in return.

If you can agree to these terms, we would be happy to work with you!

Please contact us for more information on how to do this.

However, if you simply just want to share your personal story to encourage other readers without posting an embedded link back your blog or website, please visit Your Anxiety Story where you can submit a personal story on stress, anxiety and other related subjects.

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