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My Anxiety Story

Hi! I'm Susan and I am the author and creator of . I want to welcome you to this site and I hope you find all the information and resources here most helpful. If there is a topic that you haven't found here, please feel free to contact me.


I want to share my anxiety story with you in hopes that you will see that you are not alone.

My journey with anxiety began many years ago when my husband first decided to join the United States Air Force. Married for only 2 years, with my first child, we moved 3000 miles away from home. I left behind very close family members, many close friends and a secure job. Through those years, I had experiences with anxiety off and on but life was still manageable. Those years I did not understand the complexity of the problem and I brushed a lot of my feelings aside in hopes they would go away on their own. My doctor told me to exercise and that I had too much adrenaline and needed to burn it up! So the answer seemed simple but I still struggled in the back of my mind with not really understanding what was going on inside me.

One thing the military does not prepare you for as a Military Spouse are the changes you will face, the stress you may feel , and how to deal with all of it. As many of you know, being a spouse of someone in the military means mandatory moves and times when you are functioning like a single parent. During these years, I made some really close military friends. God knew what He was doing when He put them in my life. I still thank God for them today!

When my husband received a one year assignment to South Korea, I was pregnant with my third child. Realizing I was going to raise this baby by myself for a while ( along with my other 2 children), we made plans to move home so I could have the support of my family. It was this particular year that I learned a lot but I also became sick with Ulcerative Colitis. Considering all the responsibilities, I managed by the grace of God. When my husband finished his South Korea tour, we could not wait to move to his next assignment to be together as a family again. An assignment to the Gulf of Mexico was nothing short of a gift from above....a well deserved vacation. All those years and doing well...but never once did I do it without the fear of when those dreaded feelings would come again.

My husband made the decision, after living a few years on the Gulf, to return to the civilian workplace. Together we made the decision to move back home to be closer to family. It was the beginning of many stressful life events. Within a 4 month period, I experienced the purchase of our very first home (which was a major fixer-upper), new schools for my kids, and new job for my husband. I had an uncle that was dying of cancer (who I had a close bond with) and although I got the chance to spend some time with him, I watched closely as my cousins and my aunt agonized in pain over losing him. At the same time, one of my in-laws was diagnosed with cancer and this was another thing that I was yet holding inside. There is nothing I hate more than feeling completely helpless.

Just when I thought I was handling things well.... the day came when I found myself in the grocery store, with a cart full of groceries, my three children, and I felt as if the floor was pulled out from under me! Those dreaded feelings had finally come back! I went through so many different feelings, thoughts and emotions. I thought for sure that I was at the end of my rope. But as dark as those years were for me, I did all I could to learn and help myself. It definitely wasn't easy but I am happy to say that through a lot of hard work and determination, I am living a healthy, happy and productive life that is no longer consumed by anxiety and the fear of panic.

Over the years of participating in forums and helping others, I got to the point where I felt it was time to create a place where I could share everything that I found valuable in my journey. This website, although still a work in progress, is a result of those years.

My Promise To You - On this site, you will find everything that has been helpful to me through my own personal journey and much, much more. Be sure to read my Word of Encouragement.

Need Support? - It is the mission of to be an open source of hope. Have a question? Need some advice? Need some encouragement? Please feel free to contact me anytime. If you have any questions  I will do my very best to answer them in a timely fashion.

Share Your Story

It helps us all to see that we are not alone in our struggles. If you have a story of your own and want to share it with others, please submit your story. This is where you get to reach out to other readers and help them see that they are not alone. Believe it or not, your story just might be the story someone will connect with and bring them hope!

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