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This website is designed to educate and encourage those who are currently suffering from stress and stress related disorders such as anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, obsessive thinking as well as those who might be suffering with mild to moderate depression. It is the mission of this website to be a source of hope to those needing direction and to help them see that full recovery is a realistic and attainable goal. Anxiety help is here!

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Sound-Mind.org is an interactive website. This means people from all over the world can participate in this website by sharing their experiences and their personal stories with others. When it comes to stress, anxiety, panic and other related issues, we all have a story to tell! Sharing your story helps others not feel so alone and helping others is part of the recovery process because when you help others, you help yourself!

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Anxiety Advice & Support

When you encourage others, you encourage yourself! This is the place to ask questions, exchange ideas, encourage one another and build eachother up! Here you will find peer-to-peer support for stress, anxiety, panic and other related issues. Simply post your own questions or click on already-existing posts and post your comments.

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliate sites. We also promote Life Extension, the absolute best, pharmaceutcal grade vitamins and supplements available. And if you are looking for high quality, organic herbs, spice, aromatherapy, essential oils, bath & body... look no further than Mountain Rose Herbs!

Treating Anxiety without Medication:

Focusing on effective natural solutions such as herbal remedies, vitamins, and other alternative methods to help alleviate unwanted symptoms.


Find out what your options are when you want to take the natural approach to your own healing and recovery. From Herbal treatments, vitamins, flower remedies to aromatherapy - find out what helps others, what is backed by science and create a plan for yourself.

Are you a Christian suffering with anxiety?

This section is for those looking for a Christian perspective.