How to Build Self Confidence

By learning how to build self confidence, you will find it easier to conquer the challenges in your life, including stress, anxiety, panic, as well as other related issues.

How much self confidence you have is most likely based on a few different things. Although these things have a lot in common, they are different and separate from the other. However, they all work together to help form who we become.

  • how you see yourself, which is your self-image.
  • how you feel about yourself, which is your self-esteem.
  • how much you believe in your own ability to do certain things, which is your self confidence.

No matter what your level of self confidence is today, you can learn how to build self confidence so that you are more confident in all you do.

It's important to understand that unlike your self-image and self-esteem, your self-confidence is earned through hard work and determination. It is only through stepping out, taking risks and trying new things that you can build upon it.

A healthy self confidence is especially important to overcoming anxiety, panic, as well as other issues such as specific phobias and agoraphobia.

So what if you don't have a healthy level of self confidence?

If your self confidence is low and you feel you cannot do what is necessary to overcome such challenges, it's important to press forward regardless of how you feel. With each step you take in the right direction, you will be increasing your self confidence and as you persist, it will get easier and easier to approach the most difficult steps ahead of you.

Still don't know how to build self confidence? Then pay close attention to the tips and strategies below.

Tips and Strategies on How to Build Self Confidence

Learn how to build self confidence today! These tips and strategies will help you work towards building self confidence to a more healthy level.

Remember, good self confidence doesn't just happen to the lucky people. It comes to those who are willing to work for it. It is something that is earned through a lot of hard work and determination. You learn how to build self confidence by doing the necessary work.

  • Plan for Your Success - Sit down and take the time to plan out the necessary steps you will need to take to reach your goal. You can do this by creating a checklist if you want. It's also important to include a back-up plan just in case your original plan doesn't work. By taking the time to plan, you are working out potential problems prior to them happening and will have formed a solution that will help you work around those problems. This helps you to stay realistic and motivated when things don't go as you expect.
  • Visualize Your Success - A little visualization goes a long way! use your visualization skills to help you see yourself walking through each of your listed steps. Imagine yourself coming up against those potential problems and visualize yourself solving those problems in a peaceful, confident way. By visualizing success, you are preparing the mind to do what is necessary in order to be successful.
  • Spot Your Negative Thinking - Pay attention to your thought life. Spot your most self-defeating thoughts. By recognizing them ahead of time, you will be more able to put those negative thoughts in their proper place when they arrive...the trash! Use positive thinking and self talk techniques to keep your thoughts moving in the right direction. Write down your positive thoughts on paper ahead of time and post them where you will see them often and be reminded. It is easy to feel defeated when you are learning how to build self confidence. How you talk to yourself is extremely important and part of a the process to developing a healthy self confidence. Remember, a pessimist, a cynic, a negative thinker cannot succeed!
  • Commit Yourself to Your Own Goals - Make a serious commitment to do everything in your own power to succeed. Remind yourself that you cannot succeed without some challenge and discomfort. Change doesn't come easy and is hard for many people. Things that are worth real value take time. So promise yourself that you won't give up. The reward of self confidence is well worth the effort it takes to reach your goals. Be patient with yourself.
  • Keep Realistic Expectations - Stay realistic and emotionally balanced. The key to healthy self confidence is to remember that just as low self confidence isn't good, an over-confident person may be setting themselves up for a big let down. Try to keep your expectations realistic and balanced by reminding yourself that you are human. Perfectionism is not a healthy goal! Admit when you make mistakes. When you hide from them, you only sabotage your success. Remember, what you believe about yourself matters more than what anyone else thinks.
  • Take Baby Steps - Start by taking small steps towards your goal. These small steps lead to small successes. It is these small successes that help your self confidence grow. At it grows, you will be more willing to take those bigger steps. Success begins with one small step and leads to leaps and bounds if you keep moving forward! Learn how to build self confidence through baby steps!
  • Choose to Believe in Yourself - Even if you don't feel confident, it's important that you make the choice to believe in yourself even when you feel differently. Belief is not a feeling but a deliberate choice we all need to make in order to be successful at anything. Without belief we don't even try. Do not sabotage your own success by reminding yourself why you can't do something. If you believe you can't, then you won't. Encourage yourself and give yourself credit for everything, even the smallest of things you accomplish.
  • Reward Yourself - Celebrate and reward your successes. When you succeed it's important to recognize it. You would easily give someone else credit for their accomplishments, so why not do this for yourself too? Learning how to build self confidence means learning how to give yourself credit when credit is due!
  • Encourage Yourself - Self confidence also builds when we remind ourselves of our past successes. Endorse yourself often! A little encouragement goes a long way. No matter how temped you are, don't rely on the encouragement of others to get you by. Of course, it's important that you accept any and all compliments you receive outside of yourself, however, it's important that you be the main source of your own encouragement.

Additional Resources on How to Build Self Confidence

Tom G. Stevens, PhD offers a free online book called "You Can Choose to be Happy" there is an entire section dedicated to building self confidence and self-worth called "DEVELOP GREATER SELF-WORTH AND SELF-CONFIDENCE" that is extremely helpful.

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