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Why Should People Exercise Step 3

People often ask, "Why should people exercise?"....or "Why is exercise important?". In this step, you will learn the benefits to exercise in relation to stress, anxiety and depression. You will also begin to take steps to incorporate it into your daily routine.

I'm not going to mislead you here! If you are not used to exercising...physical exercise is a difficult thing to bring into your life on a regular basis, however, it is one of the most beneficial habits that you can create for yourself. Not only does exercise benefit the body but it benefits the mind as well.

So, tell me, why should people exercise?

Exercise is crucial for people who suffer with stress, anxiety and depressive disorders. Please keep these reasons in mind as you work on making exercise a priority in your life. It is through exercise that you will be able to combat the other negative symptoms that come with stress, anxiety and depression.

Why should people exercise? Reason 1

Why should people exercise? Reason 2

Why should people exercise? Reason 3

Why should people exercise? Reason 4

Why should people exercise? Reason 5

Why should people exercise? Reason 6

Why should people exercise? Reason 7

Why should people exercise? Reason 8

Pick an Exercise Plan You Can Work With

When it comes to exercise, you won't do it if you don't enjoy it! So pick an exercise plan that you enjoy! If you enjoy dancing, then dance! If you enjoy biking, then bike! If you enjoy working out to an exercise DVD, then do that! It doesn't matter what you do for an exercise plan, it just matters that you exercise.

Now is a good time to learn progressive muscle relaxation methods or even isometric exercises. These types of exercises, although different from aerobic and strength exercises, have a profound effect on training your muscles to relax. If these exercises are done enough, you can actually train yourself to relax them on command. Imagine that!

Step 3 Actions:

1. Work on incorporating exercise into your daily routine. Spend at least 20 minutes each day on your preferred type of exercise, such as aerobic, strength, or toning exercises. *Consult with your physician prior to doing this, especially if you currently suffer with a physical problem or are currently taking medication for a pre-existing condition.

2. Spend approx. 10-20 minutes each day on your choice of isometric or progressive muscle relaxation exercises.

3. Write in a journal each day (preferably before bedtime). Don't pressure yourself, just write whatever comes to mind. Use the Journal Entry Worksheet if you don't have a journal.

4. Do the Positive Thought Replacement worksheet at least once a day. If your thoughts are running rampant and going through a particularly hard time, it helps to do this worksheet as many times possible throughout the day. As silly as this feels, it is very important that you do not skip this exercise.

5. If you are struggling with obsessive thinking, take the time each day to practice visualization exercises and thought stopping exercises.

6. When you get into a good routine with your diet and exercise plan, you can then move ahead to Step 4.

Do not move forward until you are ready!

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