Exercise Reduces Stress
How much are you getting?

Exercise reduces stress and this is an undeniable fact! I know many people hate the idea of exercising but with so many different forms, there is bound to be something you can enjoy and incorporate into your life on a regular basis.

How Exercise Reduces Stress

People often say, "why should people exercise?" Well, one of the many benefits of exercise includes the ability to reduce stress in your daily life. Here's a few ways that happens.

  • Exercise has the ability to relax your muscles - Stress keeps our muscles tight and tense. When they are held like this for prolonged periods, we become sore and are more prone to injury. Much of the back pain people experience can be attributed to stress and tension. By using our muscles and deliberately working them, they will loosen up and help the body to feel more relaxed throughout the day.

  • Exercise works the heart - By elevating your heartbeat for about 20 minutes per day, you allow for your heart rate to drop to a lower, more relaxed rate throughout the day. This also helps you to sleep more sound at night and feel more rested and ready for the next day.

  • Exercise increases our endorphins - These hormones are know as our "feel good hormones" and they are also know as our bodies natural pain killers.

  • Exercise lowers blood pressure, burns fat and helps the body eliminate cholesterol.

  • Exercise builds tolerance and resistance to future stressors - Through exercise we become more tolerant of life stressors and become resistant to falling into problems such as anxiety and depression.

  • Exercise burns stress hormones - These hormones are known as adrenaline, cortisol & norepinephrine. These hormones are important and help the body deal with life's emergencies by giving us the energy when we need it most. However, when these hormones are stored up in the body and not released for prolonged periods of time they can adversely effect the body and cause sickness and disease.

  • Exercise Reduces Stress Through Movement!
    So, Get Up & Get Moving!

    Okay, so now you know how exercise reduces stress and it's time to get up and get moving! If you want to balance the stress in your life and promote good health to your mind and body, then you have no choice but to make exercise a priority. Exercise doesn't have to be boring and it doesn't always mean going to the gym looking at the same equipment all the time. In fact, when you find exercise boring or monotonous, you'll be less likely to stick to it. A better idea would be to find an exercise that is enjoyable for you. Many participate in exercises they consider fun and exciting, such as swimming, hiking, kayaking, dancing, running, skiing, and other sports.

    Reduce Stress Through Exercise At Home

    Many people today lead very busy lives. With all the responsibilities many of us face, it's hard to find the time to get outside and participate in our preferred stress management activity. Some may also be physically challenged and unable to get outside. Either way, home exercise reduces stress just as well and is extremely convenient.

    Important! Although exercise reduces stress, before starting a new exercise program, be sure to check with your doctor, especially if you are older or have a pre-existing medical condition. Also be sure to pick a program that is appropriate for you and your capabilities. If you are pregnant, or have physical limitations, there are programs designed specifically for you. When it comes to exercise, there is something for everyone!

    Some of the most popular home exercise programs on the market today are not only effective at keeping your stress level down, but they are also a lot of fun.

    Affordable Home Exercise Equipment

    If you are looking for an effective, affordable way to exercise at home, here are some fun ideas to choose from. You do not need to join a gym membership or pay high monthly fees just to get in shape. There are some simple, affordable options that can help you stay fit in the comfort of your own home. Consider these options if you are looking to make exercise part of your daily routine and you are looking to get the most impact for your dollar.

  • Resistance Bands - These bands take up very little room and can be taken just about anywhere. When used properly, resistance Bands improve flexibility, strengthen muscles and keeps you balanced through targeting your stabilizer muscles. You can also vary the intensity of your workouts through choosing stronger bands for harder workouts. They are certainly a good choice if you are looking for something less bulky, something that can offer a big impact in your home exercise plan.Goocrun Portable Pilates Bar Kit with Resistance Bands for Men and Women - 6 Exercise Resistance Bands (15, 20, 30 LB) - Home Gym Equipment - Supports Full-Body Workouts – with Video

  • Exercise Mat - Sometimes, all you need is a high quality exericse mat. Exercising at home doesn't really require much more than the use of your own body weight. When choosing an exercise mat, be sure to look for professional grade, non-slip, no odor or off-gassing of materials, and be sure that it will be comfortable for your knees and other joints. This one by Gorilla offers all those things including Made in the U.S.A and comes with a lifetime warranty backed by USA Company. Gorilla Mats Premium Large Yoga Mat – 7' x 5' x 8mm Extra Thick & Ultra Comfortable, Non-Toxic, Non-Slip Barefoot Exercise Mat – Works Great on Any Floor for Stretching, Cardio or Home Workouts. And if this doesn't fit your specifications, or perhaps a cheaper one may be sufficient enough for you, you'll find lots of options to choose from.

  • Small Hand Weights - When choosing handweights for home exericse, be sure to choose something comfortable and non-slip. Many small handweights are covered with a rubber coating and come with a rack for home storage. Although these weights are perfectly fine and suitable for home use, in order to progress with strength exercises you will need varying size weights available. These adjustable hand weights cut down on clutter and require little room for storage. They start at 5 lbs. and adjust to up to 25 lbs with a simple twist of the wrist. If you are looking for a good quality hand weights with a lifetime warranty, beginner friendly, with videos and free community support these are one of the most excellent options in home exercise equipment. They also work well with a high quality exercise mat. Lifepro Adjustable Dumbbell 25lb (5lb, 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 25lb). 5-in-1 Dumbbells Adjustable Weights for Men and Women. Dumbbell Adjustable Free Weights Plates and Rack.Dumbbells Set of 2.

  • Exercise/ Yoga Ball - These balls are a great option if you are looking to strengthen your stabilizer muscles, do physical therapy exercises at home. These balls help to strengthen the core muscles and therefore balance the body through better posture and inner core strength. They are a fun option and very affordable. A great option is the GalSports Yoga Ball Exercise Ball for Working Out, Anti-Burst and Slip Resistant Stability Ball, Swiss Ball for Physical Therapy, Balance Ball Chair, Home Gym Fitness

  • Exercise Bikes, treadmils and row machines - These are a great option if you have the extra room in your home to spare. They cost a bit more up front but over the long haul pay for themselves. A good option for home exercise equipment is the ASSAULTFITNESS Assault AirBike Classic, Black, this bike can be used even when your power goes out, as there are no plugs or drain your electrical system. Similar to the Rogue Echo Bike, it is built to last, air powered resistence for the whole body (upper and lower) and for the digital panel, a simple battery backup can also be used to store your informaton in the digital panel.

  • No matter what you decide to use in your home exercise program to management stress in your daily life, there are many options available to you that are affordable for any budget.

    Be realistic and pick something you will do regularly!

    There are so many options available to us today when it comes to exercise. So, there really is no excuse for not making it part of your daily routine for stress management. Exercise is free and can literally be done with minimal space and time. From walking, simple body weight exercises to using exercise videos or even home equiptment. There really is every way possible to create an exercise routine that is ideal for you and at your level.

    Avoid purchasing and planning for things that you know you wont follow through on. Many times people spend alot of money on home exercise equipment only to find they are using it at a clothes rack in their bedroom. Pick something that you like to do, and if exercise is something you loathe, you can make it more enjoyable through adding your favorite music or even invite a friend to join you. Many times people start out hating to exercise but learn to love it over time. Give yourself a chance to find something you enjoy - and don't forget swimming, biking, hiking, rollerblading, rebounding are all other forms of exercise that can help you reduce the stress in your life.

    If you typically exercise outside, have a back-up plan for those rainy, snowy days. Don't give yourself an excuse to say that you can't exercise. Find a backup plan for those days when you can't do your favorite activity.

    Exercise Induced Anxiety and Panic

    If you suffer from anxiety and panic, sometimes you might find it difficult to exercise. In fact, you might even avoid exercise altogether. Most times exercise is a great way to relieve stress and boost endorphins (feel good brain chemicals), but if you already suffer from anxiety and panic you may find yourself triggered by certain body symptoms. A strenuous workout, can cause disorientating symptoms such as heart palpitations, dizziness, and an overwhelming sense of dread. For someone who already suffers from anxiety and panic, these symptoms are scary and can be misinterpreted as something dangerous and can trigger the very stress, anxiety and panic that you are trying to prevent. A great article on exercise induced anxiety and panic is Yes, Workout-Induced Panic Attacks Are a Real Thing -Experts talk about how exercise can spiral into panic, and what to do if you start heading down that path. By Courtney Leiva

    Let's talk about Exercise!

    Share your experience with exercise induced anxiety and panic! Have a story to tell? Some helpful tips for others who are struggling? Want to ask a question, or maybe you just want to share what your exercise routine and how you use exercise manage your stress levels. Whatever it is, this is where you can share and communicate with others who are on the same journey.

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