Am I getting worse?

by Tony
(Houston Tx.)

Today I felt really awful. I felt really frustrated and was scared I was going to hurt my family. I haven't felt this part of it yet, I would only get the scary thoughts. I don't want to hurt anyone, I have been taking the vitamin super b complex and fish oil, and that had been helping a lot actually. I recently got laid off and I have had a lot more time on my hands. I don't know maybe that is playing a big part of it. Please help.

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Sep 19, 2013
Is your anxiety getting worse?
by: Susan

Well, after reading what is happening to you, I would not say that your anxiety is getting worse, but I would say that your anxiety is doing what anxiety does best ---- scare the crap out of you!
I too, suffered with these horrible obsessive thoughts. For me, it was one of my friends who is an anxiety sufferer, she said something to me about the fear of hurting her family... Well, being in the state of anxiety I was in at the time, I adopted her fears as my own and then began to suffer tremendously with the same thoughts she had. Anxiety attached itself to the WORST thought you can think at the time and it literally wants to dissect it, examine it under a microscope, and then it causes the sufferer to go to any extent to protect those very thoughts from actually happening. Anxiety will choose ANY thought that we find scariest and it will obsess about it, try to protect it from happening and since anxiety makes you feel so out of control, you fear losing your mind and this only makes things 100% worse. Trust me when I say, If you are worrying about hurting someone, chances are very good that you won't. You haven't lost your mind and you are not going to lose control. Anxiety causes people to be "too much in control"... you are literally micromanaging your own thoughts and nit-picking every little thing that seems out of line. I have to say that obsessive-intrusive-scary thoughts are the worst symptom of an anxiety disorder. The trick is to just accept that these thoughts are there, don't make a big deal out of them, just accept them as thoughts and nothing more than thoughts. This is where you need to do some work by repeating positive-truthful self-talk to yourself over and over throughout the day. Now, I know some people have a very difficult time overcoming this one and I won't pretend that everyone can do it alone and without help --- so that being said, check out this page and give some of the advice a try. If you feel that this isn't help enough, you may need the aid of an anti-anxiety med and it may be time to see the help from your physician. Please do not be afraid to seek help. I promise, they won't lock you away & throw away the key! Health care professionals have heard it all before! Take Care!

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