Anxiety and Negative Thinking Pattern

by Amy

Hi, Susan,

First I just want to thank you for this great website. It really helps me to understand more about my situation. THANK YOU.
I am 30 years old. I had this panic attack in February and at that time I did not even know it's panic attack. I called 911 and went to ER. Of course the doctor did not find anything. I thought I was just too tired and had a coffee drink earlier that day + a minor car accident. I was convinced that everything will be fine and nothing needs to be worried about. I was worry-free for about 3 months until early May. I had another panic attack while I was on the phone talking to my friend and it was exactly the same feeling as the one in February. My heart was racing again and I felt that I was gonna pass out. Then I sat in my couch and talked to my self, "I must have some serious health issues". After several minutes, I thought that "maybe I have serious mental problem too". From then on, I am struggling with these negative thoughts like "I am gonna go insane" and etc. I tried to find proof that I was not gonna go insane, but I was SOOOO convinced that I was gonna go insane because I was having these weird thoughts constantly. Then I would think about all the worst scenarios if I am going insane. I've never thought that I am a "creative" person, but I could come up with so many different scenarios like in seconds. I just could not figure out why because I was such an outgoing and positive person before May this year. I was so worried that I could not be that person again and everything good will leave me. I am currently going to a therapist + acupuncture every week and taking a walk 40 minutes every day + meditation + deep breathing + eating healthy food/fruits + natural supplements ( I am working in a clinical lab so I had my own sample tested and everything is OK). Sometimes I would think " what should I do if I try everything and it's still not helping", although I've noticed that I had some improvement. It is so easy for me to ignore all the facts and go directly to the worst scenario again. I really hate this bad circle and want to break it ASAP. I also understand that it will take time and a lot of practice but I am so worried that something bad is gonna happen before I reach that goal. I think I really need some encouragement or suggestion. THANK YOU VERY MUCH^-^


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Hi Amy!
Thank you so much for your email and for sharing your experience with us. Overcoming anxiety requires a lot of positive reinforcement and repetition. You must be determined to convince yourself of the truths surrounding anxiety. Anxiety is a great liar and it keeps repeating that negative thinking pattern, therefore you need to keep repeating the positive, the truth - until it comes natural again automatically. Anxiety can become a bad habit and therefore you need to work extra hard at breaking the negative thoughts that contribute to it's existence. I know how much you want it today & right now!! Try to think of it as something you are working through and like anything you want to become really good at, it takes practice in order to master it. As long as you keep moving, doing what you should, you WILL overcome this. There is no real specific amount of time it will take because we are all so different, just trust that your time will come at the "right" time. It really takes a while to start seeing long lasting results. Do yourself a favor and don't check for your anxiety symptoms everyday. Most people who suffer check themselves and how they "feel" and they become frustrated when they recognize those old feelings still remaining. Instead, just stay focused on what's good in your life, the positive, the truthful, and try to be as optimistic as you can. Don't give your anxiety anymore attention than it deserves. Hang in there Amy. Remember, one day at a hour, one minute. Don't wish it gone...instead accept it for what it is, only anxiety.

Keep pushing through!

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