Anxiety and Panic Attacks

by Dewey Morris

Do you have any support groups,meetings etc.? I am 66 been in Az for six years and find myself having to serve five months (nights only) in Sheriff Joe's tents. I am looking for classes,meetings,group counseling for next several months. I have several years of counseling and treatment and take daily meds but still would like some help...Thanks..Dewey Morris

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Hello Dewey,
Thank you for your inquiry. I do not offer classes or meetings, only online support & encouragement. However, if you are looking for meetings/classes that specialize in CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy), there is a non-profit organization called Recovery Inc. that offers them free all throughout the U.S.A. as well as internationally.To see if they offer a meeting near you, please visit Recovery International
Recovery Inc. (Abraham Low Self-Help Systems) has been around a very, very long time and teaches CBT in a class setting. Chances are very good that you will find a meeting near you. I wish you all the best! Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.
Take Care.

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