Anxiety & Depression & Sleep

by Wendy Denby

Can you offer any advice on getting an all night sleep?? I was on a sleeping aid but took myself off of it 4 nights ago...I have been exercising every day and using relaxation...but I still can't sleep all night. Any advice would help with any of these issues. Thank You.

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Hello Wendy,

Getting that good night sleep is difficult sometimes, especially with anxiety sufferers. Glad to hear you've been exercising and using relaxation methods. Although they do help tremendously, they aren't always the answer to insomnia.

It's interesting to point out that sometimes people with anxiety unknowingly sabotage their own ability to sleep simply by worrying about it too much. I can't tell you how much I kept myself up at night blaming everything else but my own worries. It wasn't until I stopped caring so much about it that I finally began to sleep better.

You might check out: Cant Sleep? There Are Real Answers That Work! This is where I share what I've learned through my own struggles and what I have found to really help.

Hang in there Wendy! Whatever you do, don't overstress about not sleeping. Your body will sleep when it's ready!

Take Care,

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