Anxiety for almost nine years

by Heather

I have suffered from anxiety for almost nine years.
It began when I had a panic attack but I did not realize what was happening or that it was a panic attack. I thought I wad dying or having heart attack. Since that first attack I have been on many different medications and tried many types of therapies. There were many trips to the emergency room in the midst of a panic attack and so much fear of what was going on inside me. Several years ago I found a church that
I felt very comfortable in and started to grow my
faith and read God's Word. Medication had helped at times to ease the symptoms but walking with God has been the best thing that could of happened to me. With God's love, I get up every morning and keep pushing my way through the anxiety that tries to cripple me and I will not stop fighting!

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Nov 04, 2012
dont give up!
by: Anonymous

Ive had similar problems as well..its been much longer for me, however I do not intend on giving up as well..along with reading Gods word, this website has been a GODSEND to me. I havent actually gone through all of these steps, but i have read enough to see where i have been failing myself with my thinking habits.Already i have seen an improvement in just reading and educating myself about this.I pray you suceed in overcoming in the Lord Jesus name. God bless!!

Oct 24, 2012
by: robert

Im really happy to hear that u put all ur faith in the lord and that he has helped u fight thought this i just thought i would leave a comment and say that dont give keep ur faith strong and u will overcome this speaking from experience.

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