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Anxiety Sensations

I'm having a hard time dealing with my anxiety sensations. It seems I get short of breath and have tightness in my back and throat. The sensations make my panic worse. I notice them and this makes me nervous which sets off my anxiety. How can I control these sensations? Sometimes I feel if I could just get my sensations in control, I could control my anxiety better. Thanks for the help!

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Sep 19, 2013
Anxiety Sensations
by: Susan

Anxiety sensations (physical symptoms) are some of the most uncomfortable symptoms the anxiety sufferer complains about.
You are right, these sensations start a cycle of fear (because they are so unwanted and uncomfortable) that only continue as you try to figure them out and try to push them away from yourself, only to find they are still there and pushing back harder than ever.
If you really want to reduce your symptoms, or better yet eliminate them, you need to start with learning what thoughts are swirling around in your head because it is those thoughts that are creating them and keeping those sensations alive. Anxiety (whether started in the mind or by the body through some negative experience), are usually continued through the thoughts we choose to have and our perspective about a situation.
These horrible sensations are the #1 reason why people seek out medication in hopes that they will fix the problem, only to find, when they come off, the problem still exists because they didn't change the way they looked at things. Start with your thoughts, look at them, see what you are saying to yourself and then you will know what you are dealing with. Then take the time to literally challenge those thoughts one-by-one with TRUTH & positive perspective. You will need to do a lot of work to overcome this, but if you persist and do not give up, you cannot lose this battle with anxiety. This really is about you learning a better way to live & think. I highly recommend that you follow the "Recovery Steps" and take the time to work on yourself. You won't be sorry! Also, be sure to check out books by Dr. Claire Weekes, "Hope and Help for your Nerves" and "Peace from Nervous Suffering" --- you will be able to find these books at your local library. Hang in there and remember the road to recovery is achieved by patient endurance, one day at a time with baby steps.

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