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I have had anxiety for quite a long time but I never really new it. When I was little I would check my backpack to make sure that I had everything I needed, I would double check it every 5 times. Then my anxiety got worse, I started middle school in a different state, I started to worry that I was going to start smoking (no I dont smoke and never will:)). Then I started to worry about (god forbid) hurting people, my family and I'm afraid that one day (god forbid) I will just loose it and something bad will happen. Sometimes it is worse than others, is this normal??

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Thank you for sharing here! To answer your question, it is very normal to suffer from scary thoughts when you are experiencing anxiety. Depending on the amount of anxiety will determine how bad these thoughts get and how often they persist. This is the reason why sometimes they are worse than others. Often, the scarier the thought, the more you dwell on it. Anxiety has such a common list of signs and symptoms that are experienced by most people suffering from anxiety. Scary thoughts, obscene thoughts, repetitions, and any sort of negative thoughts are all part of it. When someone suffers from anxiety, they biggest fear is "losing control" and in an attempt to protect yourself from having that happened, people seek out all kinds of scenarios in their mind as to be sure they can find a plan to protect them from it. Fear of hurting yourself, or a loved one, fear of "going crazy" or "losing it" are all the same and they hold one fear at the core - this is "fear of losing control". The truth of the matter is this, people with anxiety are very much in control - in fact, they have too much control. Trying to control every little detail to the point of making themselves sick with fear. There are a couple people who have shared their stories here, so be sure to read them. I think you will feel encouraged!
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