Be still and SING!

by Yvette Massey
(New Mexico)

I have been dealing with anxiety on and off for 15 years. I am a Christian and one of the spiritual gifts I have is the gift of as always, Satan has decided to use the opposite "fear" to try to prevent me from being used to the fullest my God by keeping me focused on the fear and not God. Well, let me tell you, I am no longer in fear's death grip...I am not completely where I'd like to be but I have seen such a remarkable transformation in me. I no longer take meds and haven't for four years now. Going through menopause these past 7 years has been a challenge when it comes to the anxiety but I praise God that I am better!! First of all God allows all things in our life for our good and His glory. In my deepest despair, he has revealed more to me than a lifetime of an easy good life ever could. Fear comes from Satan. Pure and simple. God's word says it does NOT come from God. The steps that I have found in combating this evil condition is to immerse myself deeply in God's word and prayer. I have been doing Beth Moore bible studies which provide structure to my bible time, but any devotional/study that is of God is good. I also use positive affirmations and it is best to speak them out loud so that you hear them as well. Remember that we are more than conquerors and we ARE victorious in Jesus!! Claim it! Believe it! Rebuke that demon by the blood and name of Jesus!! Know that HE WILL deliver you!!! I get short of breath when I feel stressed or anxious and the Lord spoke in my spirit and told me to sing!! I sing and praise God and the peace comes!! I sing in the shower and praise him first thing in the morning and throughout the day. I also listen to K-love radio and sing along with them! I have found that during a panic attack it is helpful to not only tell myself that I am ok and that it is just a panic attack but to praise God over and over. It takes some time to learn this as it does not come naturally when you are in a panic and think you are going to die. Also, be obedient. Sin will cause more anxiety for a believer than anything, Get right with God and be obedient. Ask for trust and the desire to know Him more. If fears grip you at night as Him to allow you to "feel" Him holding you as if you were a baby in His arms and as you relax each muscle repeat: I will lie down and sleep in peace for you O Lord make me dwell in safety. So in a nutshell: obey God, praise God, rebuke satan and claim victory, spend time with Him and don't focus on your anxiety. Ask God to allow you to desire Him even above the healing. God WILL sustain you!! I love you and care!!! P.S there are also wonderful over the counter teas and supplements. Passionflower, valerian, holy basil, and kava to name a few.

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