Fear of Schizophrenia

by SB

I have been suffering from anxiety for the past 3 months. I met with a psychiatrist one time to discuss my fears and she asked me if I am hearing voices. Since then I am scared of my own internal voice that I hear when I think or read. I feel like I have Schizophrenia. I am doubting that it's somebody else's voice that I am hearing. Is this normal? I am trying to accept and float by but sometimes I am hyperaware and very scared. Any suggestions or advise is greatly appreciated.

Reply from Sound-Mind.org

Hello SB,
When people suffer from anxiety it is easy for them to become sensitive to all kinds of things. I can completey understand how a question like that could escalate your fears and have you asking yourself the same question. Remember, a symptom of anxiety is feeling "out of control" and so people who suffer work very hard at trying to control as much as they can. The idea of having Schizophrenia or "hearing voices" is extremely frightening, especially for someone who fears "going crazy" or "losing it". Fact remains, it's completely normal to be sensitive to these sorts of things when you are suffering with an anxiety disorder. Part of the problem with anxiety is the "what if" questions that come. These "what if" questions most always produce more anxiety and can keep a person suffering for years because of them. In fact, as long as you entertain your scary thoughts, your "what if's", the chances of staying stuck with anxiety are very good. Don't allow yourself to dissect this question anymore. Your doctor asked you a question and you know the answer. Make the choice not to entertain it anymore than you have already. Remind yourself of your sensitivity to topics like this and remember that this is nothing but a scary thought.

Take Care!

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