From Wordly to Godly

by Kelly Griffin
(Kingsport, Tennessee, USA)

I grew up in the church and read my bible and always prayed about everything. Some horrible things happened to me as I was growing up including the suicide of my father. I was so angry at God. I blamed him for everything that was happening. I started getting into trouble and ended up going into state's custody until I turned 18. Once I was an adult things got worse. I ended up homeless, addicted to drugs, and prostituting myself to support my habit. For years I was strung out and didn't think about God or anyone else for that matter. One day I put a sermon on YouTube and sat and listened to this lady. I wrote to her about my situation and spilled my heart to her about my past and present life. She sent me a book to read and I read it in one day. The next day I called my mom and asked for help and to let me come home. I got myself clean with the help of God (no rehab) and started going to church again. I have been clean for 16 years and I owe it all to God and to this woman who took the time to read my letter and pray for me and give me guidance through her writing. That woman was Joyce Meyer and the book she sent me was "Beauty for Ashes". I am proof that through God all things are possible. To go from being a crack addicted prostitute for 6 years to a church going christian in less than 72 hours can only be the work of God.

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Sep 25, 2022
by: Anonymous

Thankyou. Your storu really touched my heart

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