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I'm going on holiday in 2 weeks time. I have just had an operation on my right hand so I'm off work. My daughter moved out and I'm suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. I make myself ill before I get there and don't enjoy my holiday. The best thing would be to cancel but I can't afford to loose all that money. Any suggestion? I am on medication for it. Please help. I'm desperate.

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So sorry to hear about your operation but I do hope it recovers quickly for you and life becomes a bit more managable than it is right now.
From the sounds of things, you planned this vacation but not sure if you planned the surgery on your hand or if this was an unexpected thing that has happened to you. Either way, I believe there is no easy answer to this question of whether or not you should go or what you should do. In all honesty, I believe you should do exactly what you want to do. If it's an issue of your panic and anxiety then I would encourage you to work past the anxiety and go anyways. Afterall, you cannot overcome your anxiety or panic without facing it and working through it. At the same time, if you are considering not going on your holiday due to the surgery on the hand, then this is different. I really want to encourage you to do what is best for you and only you know what that is. Ask yourself what your main reason of not wanting to go is. If the reason has anything to do with anxiety or panic, then I would seriously consider going anyways. It is important to remember not to allow avoidance behaviors to take over and make decisions for you. Fear is a great motivator and can get people to make decisions based in fear. You want to be sure that whatever decision you make for yourself that you are not allowing fear to decide for you. I hope you will continue to push through your fears and work to overcome your anxiety and panic. I can honestly tell you that all efforts to do this will not be a waste of your time.

~ Susan

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