Help with Depression

by Mrs, Madsen
(United States)

Hi, I am wonderfully made by God! I have also lived a long life. Did you know that things can make you depressed. I was once overwhelmed with how many things we had. Thank God, my wonderful, terrific, God-fearing husband came to save the day! We(mostly my husband; because I work too slow)have now majorly downsized all of our junk in our small, little, two-bedroom apartment. Thank God for an awesome man I get to call my husband. Also, Thank God for an adorably, awesome son who is the most wonderful and loving little boy a Mama could have! I just felt like I should write to you (Yes, You!) to tell you that God is with you in your time of trouble. He never gives us anything we can't handle. God bless you and yours to His fullest always and forever, Mrs. Madsen <3 :) May God richly bless each and everyone one of us that has been plagued by depression to His fullest. In Jesus' Name, Amen!

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