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Hiding to Eat

by Tonya Niemi
(Alcester, South Dakota, USA)

This is me hiding how I really feel

This is me hiding how I really feel

I am a binge eater. I try not to let my family see how much I actually eat. When I eat I get a good feeling. A security blanket kinda. I don't know what to do. I have tried dieting but never works. Probably because I don't stick to it. I hide to eat a lot. I'm embarrassed, very embarrassed. I'm depressed because of all the weight I have put on. I also have fibromyalgia so its hard for me to exercise. I am looking for a community that has other people in similar situations like me. I really need someone who understands to talk to. I'm also very good at hiding my emotions. I'm feeling hopeless. Please help!

Reply from
Hi Tonya!
First I just want to say, Hello! Thank you for sharing part of yourself here and for being honest with us and yourself! Just your willingness to be so honest is the first step in being able to help yourself over your problem!
I think it's very important to deal with the reasons why you are binge eating. However, if you are binge eating due to stress, anxiety or depression, you really need to deal with those issues also.
I'd like to encourage you to seek the help of a qualified therapist if you do not feel you are making progress on your own. You may also find great support by visiting The Binge Eating Disorder Forum There are many people there who have personal experience with this issue and will be able to give you some honest direction and feedback!
I wish you all the best!! ~ Susan

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