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Intrusive thoughts about a body part

by Anna

Two months ago I started getting intrusive thoughts. They scared me a lot, but with a lot of education I stopped fearing them and they stopped bothering me. Now I look back and understand how silly they were.

I still suffer from anxiety but from other symptoms mostly. Than yesterday I ran through my list of fears and remembered a silly fear that i'll pee in my pants. The more I thought of it the more I realized it's silly and eliminated it, however I did get a feeling in my genitals and now it's stuck. My mind is focused on that feeling all day. I don't fear that i'll pee my pants, but the feeling is so intense. It's bothering me a lot.

I tried searching if people experienced the same feeling on the internet, but haven't met other people. I'm wondering is it the same as intrusive thoughts? Am I supposed to over time not fear the feeling? I can't put my finger on the specific fear, but the feeling is relentless and that scares me.

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