Intrusive Thoughts and Physical Symptoms

by Laura

My journey with anxiety started a long time ago when I was 19 and now I am 38. My anxiety has returned with a vengance. I am inspeired by your story and your insight on anxiety and I long for the peace that you have obtained. ALOT has happened over the last 3 months and I know that has alot to do with all of it. I have such a hard time excepting all of the anxious thoughts and physical symptoms. They are very hard to accept and yet I KNOW that it is a very important part of the journey is acceptance.

Did you ever experience intrusive thoughts? Like a thought that would just ruminate and how did you manage to come to terms with it and not allow it to scare you...and the physical did you embrace them and learn to accept them????? I need a game plan and I am praying you can help me find my way down the path to peace.
God Bless you.

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Hi Laura,

To answer your questions... I did experience intrusive thoughts. My obsessive thoughts were very scary and caused me to think I was literally losing my mind or would do something I did not want to do. Talk about feeling "out of control"!

Honestly, I think intrusive obsessive thoughts are one of the hardest anxiety symptoms to overcome.

I talk about the things that helped me overcome it HERE. So be sure to check it out and perhaps give some of those ideas a try.

Please understand that it takes a lot of work and patience and if you find yourself becoming frustrated, it's important to remind & repeat to yourself those truthful, positive statements like:

  • thoughts are only thoughts

  • my thoughts cannot hurt me

  • I am not my thoughts

  • I am in full control

  • I will never do anything I don't want to do

  • anxiety is a liar

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Take Care!

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