Loud Thoughts

by Anonymous

Hello There. I'm a 30 year old male suffering from anxiety and my question for you is why do I get these random loud thoughts in my head? It's like I can hear them, but not like in a auditory hullicination kinda way...they're just loud but they freak me out and this makes my anxiety worse. I get freaked out that I might be "schitzo" but I know they're not voices, they're just loud thoughts. I've noticed this happens more when I dont get enough sleep. Is this caused by anxiety? Please help. Thank You.

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It is not uncommon to have loud, intrusive thoughts when you are suffering from anxiety. Truth is, when people suffer from anxiety, they become hyper aware of their random thinking. Everyone experiences automatic thoughts, however, for someone who suffers from anxiety or depression, these automatic thoughts can become very loud, negative, and very persistant. For someone who doesn't suffer from anxiety or depression, these thoughts may float to the surface but are quickly released and recognized as just random thoughts. The person who suffers anxiety becomes hyper aware of these thoughts, and then holds onto them - sometimes dissecting them and giving them more attention than they deserve. As much as these thoughts bother you, you must try to recognize them as just "automatic negative thoughts" and nothing more. Your anxiety has only made these thoughts louder than normal. Remind yourself often that they are "only thoughts", they are no big deal. When you focus on these thoughts, wanting them gone, they become louder and louder. It helps to see these thoughts as a "mind-bully". They want all your attention and it's your job to simply accept that they are there but not to give them anymore attention than they deserve. The less attention you give these thoughts...the more and more they will fade off into the background. Don't wish them away, instead accept they are there, ignore them, and remind yourself that they are only a result of your anxiety. Be patient with yourself as you do this and understand that you will have good days and bad days. It is true that sleeplessness can aggrivate this symptom. Try to hang in there an take one day at a time. Hope this helps!
Take Care,

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Sep 06, 2018
Loud thoughts like telling someone telling me off.
by: Anonymous

I have a similar case of loud thoughts however they are very infrequent. Normally I get them when I try to get to sleep. I get loud thoughts but it’s as if someone is yelling at me and telling me off. In the dark I also see outlines of objects that magnify like they double in size, this becomes intimidating and I feel like I’m powerless. All the noises around me also become a lot clearer and louder but they echo, for example when I exhale I hear it 3 times over. When I was 6 years old this happened on an extreme case where I saw huge faces in the dark and I started freaking out my family about multiple dangers that I thought with little doubt were coming, I took the day off school and it came right eventually. It’s hard to put into word what is actually happening because there is so much whenever it occurs. I’m considered a normal guy, haven’t really talked to anyone about these thoughts as they might think I’m skits. This is an unanswered wonder to me so if anyone has a similar case drop a comment.

Nov 11, 2017
Thank you
by: Anonymous

I have these thoughts as far back as I can remember. I don't know why I never thought to look it up if other people have them too. It actually seems very common. I am 28 and I have been suffering with these thoughts since I was 4 years old. I have always used singing to get rid of them. And because of that I have become a very good singer. I have had a very rough childhood and young adulthood. But thru it all the Good and the Bad I have held on and I am happy. Life is not easy. But don't ever give up!! Just keep singing.

Nov 04, 2017
Loud Thoughts
by: Anonymous

Hey, I also get these ''loud thoughts'' every so often, im not diagnosed with any sort of disorder but i do believe to have depression on some level. But when i get these thoughts classical music gets rid of the uncomfortable feeling almost instantly. I recommend giving this a shot if all else fails even if you're not a fan of classical music. Hope this helps

Sep 04, 2017
Loud Thought
by: Anonymous

it kind of reminds me of 2 nurses - one good and one bad - yelling at me while holding me down... might be because when i was younger they had to hold me down to give me a shot... its weird.

Oct 15, 2016
Loud silence
by: Anonymous

I suffer from loud thoughts. I have had them since I was 4 or 5 when trying to get to sleep - suddenly I hear blinding silence and when I try and calm my self down I get louder voices or thoughts. Drink has been a large part of my family and suppression a family habit. Trying everything to stay well but the panic attacks have come back. I don't know why, but always when I am in bed trying to sleep, after broken sleep.

Sep 08, 2014
how funny i did not sleep last night
by: Anonymous

ok . . i love that this is anonymous . .
my mind was racing in the middle of the night with this that or the other VERY loud thoughts . .
not bi polar or etc . .
and if that is the case i hope someone says so here . . . i find that my worries are amplified during the day when i let my mind take over. for me it's living with an alcoholic father and a mother with dementia and needing to leave the premise. it is ptsd and old memories. i journal and go to alanon
and write gratitude lists. today i rest.
and i will keep this link and post it on a place called treatmentdiaries

xo il

Apr 07, 2013
I have anxiety and are hyper sensitive
by: bec

I have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression, and been seeing a councillor for the passed 16 months while learning cog. behavioural therapy. When I'm under alot of stress and anxiety my thoughts get loud or sometimes I think I here someone talking. While learning mindfulness training helps it is the best thing to teach your mind and train it back to normal thinking, it is hard work but sometimes it's the only way.

Dec 08, 2012
Thank you Susan
by: Oli

Wow Susan,

Reading your comment made me feel so much better because I have been suffering the same thing as of late. I know I have anxiety and I've been diagnosed with this too, but I didn't know the random loud thoughts were apart of it until you have told me.

Thank you for putting a panicky person at peace.

Oct 17, 2011
Loud Thoughts
by: Anonymous

Also when you hear these thoughts think to yourself it is no big deal and think on more positive thoughts to replace it. Like something you are passionate about.

Jul 27, 2011
thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you so so much i feel alot better u made me understand this alot more clearer and im going to what u said to do and to accept these thoughts and to just give them no attention and let them fade away slowly but again thank uo

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