Military Here Too With Anxiety

by JD

Hello everyone and thanks for reading! Thanks for sharing the site it lets me know that I am not alone! I am a military wife of 4 years and the last 2 have been a blur. I have always had anxiety and panic off and on, then it hit me when we lost our 3 month old...our son (who was 2 at the time) stopped talking and regressed a year behind. Then a few months later we had to move 700 miles from all family from the only town I had ever lived in.

I do not even drive anymore yet have 2 brand new family/friends all question me and do not understand. I had 2 bad wrecks when pregnant and one thereafter (2 deer and 1 a lady smashed us in the back going 65 in a 30 and was texing).

Its a daily uphill struggle...but I do it with no meds..use just Kava tea and calms isnt a "miracle cure" but can always take the edge off. Vitamin shoppe is the BEST place to go (online). Also a great iphone app (may be on andriod too not sure) is Glenn Harrold, you can you tube him...I have all his programs and THEY WORK.

EVERYONE I WANT to remind you keep up the good fight!!! WE WILL NOT BE DEFEATED

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