Ministers are not excluded from anxiety.

by David
(Waterloo, Alabama)

I am 50 yrs old and have been a minister for 30 yrs. My anxiety started when I was 11 or 12 yrs old. I did not know what intrusive thoughts were at that time. I do know I would wake up scared to death. For example, when I was 12 I was bitten by a dog, I thought I was going to turn into a werewolf, lol. Looking back I was scared my mom and dad would treat me as a werewolf again, lol. That is just one example. Others examples - die from swine flu, turn into a mad monster, but as I got older I realized what my problem was. Even now I still have panic attacks associated with intrusive scary thoughts. My 20 year old daughter is wired the same as me. I take comfort knowing I do not have to face this condition alone. Prayer, bible study, meditation, exercise - running, biking, stretching and hobbies help more than I could explain. and yes I do take medication.
My daughter and I name these intrusive thoughts. Hers is the mucinex germs 'green monsters' mine is called the 'stink on poo' we laugh at time and yes we even cry. We laugh mostly. This website is by far the most down to earth the best. Praying for all of my anxious smart comrads out there!


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Jun 22, 2015
Second Career - MDIV

I am a second career MDiv Graduate now proceeding through the ordination process. I am not sure where I am going to head and full of nervousness and anxiety. Right now I am holding on to the idea / joke which is so true. Do not give up, Moses was a basket case. Keep all ministers dealing with anxiety and nervousness in thought and prayers, actually keep all in prayers!

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