Need help soon. I feel upset and bad.

I am a 30 years old Indian man living in Australia on a working visa for 3 years. I am here by myself without any family or friends I feel lonely and upset all the time, as I dont have any friends or any one here at my workplace. I start liking one girl because she is so nice to me and I like her so much. I start texting her and talking to her during work hours she is the manager so she dont mind talking to me during work hours. Then after few weeks I start doing little good things for her. After about a month and a half she stopped talking to me and when I asked her what is the problem she said she doesnt want me to be in love with her. Afer she said this to me, she stopped talking to me which makes me feel bad.

Now I still like her but I know she won't talk to me much. So I am changing the job soon. Can you help me? How can I stop thinking about her. I dont mind if she doesnt want to be my girlfriend but I like the way she use to talk to me. I still want to keep doing some little good things for her.

What should I do to stop thinking about her? It's effecting my life now and I feel it is hard to concentrate on my things.

About my background: I am from India, 30 year old man. I had done my bachelors and did not score very well in my exams, so I did not get any good job. I tried many jobs but nothing happened. So I took out a bank loan and moved to Australia 3 years ago, as I dont have any friend in India. When I come to Australia I find myself more lonely. The problem started when some girl talked to me in a nice way. I feel attracted to her and can not stop thinking about her. I can not even concentrate on my daily things like reading, writing, cooking or eating. I am not eating very well because I want to save some money. I am not very good looking and I feel like I am a very bad person because I don't know how to socialize. I have lack of energy for my day to day life, I dont know anything about any sport, music or general knowledge things because I was always thinking in the wrong way to save money and get successful but I end up nowhere now.

I feel I am unsuccesful in my life because I have lack of knowledge and compare to other people around. Someone told me I have lack of self confidence and I get panic soon. They might be right. But they did not give me any solution to resolve this issue.

When I start panic I do so many wrong things which I should not suppose to do. Anxiety and depression is another problem I am suffering.

Can you please help me to fix my problem which I explained above. How to not get panic, how to get more confidence, how to not get attracted to some one, how to not feel bad about most of the things happening in the life. I am already feeling very upset, depressed... I think I cannot handle it anymore. I had given my self 3 weeks time to fix all these problems or I will end my life.

Please I request to give me some advice which I can follow and these problems can be fixed.


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Thank you for your email and for sharing your struggles with us. First I just want to say that ending your life is never the answer. In reality, this would be a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I hope you would consider the truth that there is a better way to solve your problems.

If you are seriously considering ending your life, I hope that you will first consider calling someone and speaking with them today. Please visit Suicide Prevention Australia and see that you are not alone and there is genuine people who care and want to help you!!

Please visit the website above and talk to someone today, don't wait!!!

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