Overwhelming Depersonalization Symptoms

by Judith

I am doing so poorly. I've had anxiety for years and about 2 yrs ago I stopped being able to operate. Every small task is a major problem, I sleep alot and can barely cook for myself. I was holding my grandson and it felt like he was a toy, it is as though I can not connect to anything. I used to cook and work in the food industry, now they are questioning my ability to just make sandwiches in an old people's home. Everyone around me sees me as being funny, I have been emotional for a long time because of this feeling. Is this depersonalisation or do you think it is something much worse. I just want to flow in my skin again, I can't even seem to understand what people are saying to me, can't connect. Any thoughts?

Reply from Sound-Mind.org

Hello Judith,

It's amazing how much anxiety & depression can take hold of our lives and bring us to a place where we feel disconnected from those we love and the world around us. What you are experiencing is not uncommon. In fact, many people who suffer anxiety, panic and depression also experience the same feelings of unreality.

The symptoms that you have described sound very much like depersonalization disorder, and there are many different things that can cause this. First things first, if you haven't talked to your doctor, then you should, especially if you have been suffering all this time without being able to operate fully in your life.

Anxiety is a highly treatable condition and although self-help methods are very effective, there are many other people that need the extra help of a qualified professional. You own it to yourself to do all you can to get better so you can enjoy your life again.
For tips and more resources, please visit Depersonalization:
Overcoming the Feelings of Unreality

It's important to point out that as terrible as depersonalization feels, it is not dangerous. Many have said this sensation is the brains way of protecting it from overdrive.

Please be encouraged and don't give up! Try to keep replacing your focus on things outside of yourself. Notice colors, smells, details, etc. With depersonalization we have a tendency to stay inward because we are so overwhelmed by how we are feeling. Problem is, we keep the symptoms going by looking for them. Try accepting that they are there, while practicing being in the present moment.

Don't look at your smallest attempts at doing things as a problem, instead work in baby steps! When you accomplish little things, give yourself credit!! Stay positive and work towards becoming your own best cheerleader.

Hang in there and remember, one day at a time!

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